A First? Assasination Break No Scope

For all the seasoned Halo players. There will be two vids of this on my file share from two views. I’ve logged countless hours into all the halo games and never seen this happen yet. Basically a teammate melees my assassin just as he is finishing me off. The assassination stops and I rise back up to no scope him instantly in the face before me reticule even refocuses…Its up on there if anyone cares to see it. File Share: “Scrapin Nee”
1st Person View: Up From The Dirt
3rd Person View: Assassination Snapshot

Other vids on my share are worth a look too. Enjoy!

I’m not going to search for this as I’m a lazy person. Could you provide the links to your fileshare?


There you go… I decided to make a montage anyway as I have tons of other interesting clips. The assassination clips are the only ones now posted on my share until my montage is done in a few weeks. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for lettin me download. I’ll view when I can a and let ya know what I think. (I’m away at school and will not have access to my xbox for a while lol)

LOL, it is usually caused by lag…besides that has happened to me before…

Lag can cause a lot of odd things to happen, such as me getting my own showstopper and hence breaking an assassination, which you can see here .

Just watch the video in slow motion, and you can see how lag can cause the system to think a front melee is a behind melee, and how despite that, it let me throw a pulse grenade a second before starting the glitched/lagged assassination.