A Firefight without vehicles, pretty please!

Do you think there’s any chance we could get a variant of war zone firefight where the team simply faces ever increasing amounts of infantry?

I found myself facing a wraith, two hunters and three ghosts with a battle rifle yesterday. I’m all for a challenge, but that’s just dull.

Wouldnt it be a more satisfying game if we didn’t have to play a command and conquer style power-bar draining exercise, and instead, had to survive endless waves of foot soldiers? It must be possible! You could edit your own firefight scenario in Reach!

Firefight Feedback thread.

What round was the Wraith, Hunters and 3 ghosts in?

So basically old school firefight? Yes please. And i do agree its pretty dull having to just use your vehicle reqs the entire time with anything past round 2. I do hope that 343 hears this. Although im not sure if folks are vocal about this at all anymore. And whether or not 343 is willing to do it. I thought it was pretty clear before that we wanted a return to odst style firefight but it fell on deaf ears.

It was heroic firefight round 3 or 4. Had two really fun rounds of elites, and then boom…all these power-bar enemies…it’s like the fun switch flips to OFF.

Coincidentally, I played Reach firefight at a friend’s house later that evening. It’s just perfect. One wraith to keep you honest while the hoards come in for the kill. H5 has such potential in this mode with its scale. It’s as though they have all this memory and room, so they fill it with BIG THINGS.

Endless swarms would give them the sense of epic they crave without turning off casual gamers!