A Film for Fans!

Hello people of the Halo Community!

I am Antonio, you’re humble director and representative of the Halo Fan Community. I am currently creating a film that will be for the fans by the fans, as I am a major Halo fanboy. I am looking for members of the community to collaborate with me, send me their stories, videos of them talking about what roll Halo plays in their lives, sending their community creations and anything else related to Hsalo and your lives. I want to feature all that I can in my film to show just how much this game means to the community of gamers who have dedicated over 10 years of service to the UNSC. If you are interested and want to collaborate, hear more or just want to chat about potential ideas for the Halo film I am making, please contact me at Tesorodidio@aol.com

Now, as for the film itself; It will be a semi interactive expwerience. The film will follow myself as I journey out to connect with the community, those of you who work with me will be the community members I reach out to in the film (some I will meet in person, others I will need to get creative with). However, I will be thrown into several combat situations that are reminiscent of the games and their game play as I search for both community members and more importantly, my long time friends on XBOX LIVE whom I have had the honor of sharing the past 5 years of my life with, causing havoc across Matchmaking. That’s all I can tell you for now, however for the people I do meet in person, I have a few crazy ideas for what we can do to make our meeting far more…interesting.

Thank you for any help you guys have to offer and please spread the word about the film! This is for fans by fans!