A Few Xp Cap Questions & thoughts

So I reached the XP cap and I got a few questions.

1st: Does anyone know when it resets? It is when the challenges reset?

2nd: Can I also not get the XP from challenges? I was really close to getting a few Spartan Ops challenges that end in 11 hours, so it is kind of a disappointment that those challenges will be wasted.

3rd: Anyone know the actual XP amount that it caps at?

I feel like this XP cap should be boosted a little… by another 50% or so? I don’t get a whole lot of time to play during the week so when I want to play during the weekend I want to play it! Of course this doesn’t stop me from enjoying the multiplayer, but I’ve been playing with friends all day but I’m a little frustrated that I won’t be getting my XP from a few challenges that I almost completed. (if I actually don’t)

Thanks a lot! and I’m loving what 343 did with this game, it is amazing.