A few Voice Actors

Hey guys starting up a Machinima series, each episode shouldn’t be more than 3 minutes. I’ve already finished writing and filming the first episode.

I need 2 voice actors right now, so if you’re interested then send a demo to Kgl112009@hotmail.com. If you’re interested then go ahead and try and apply for 1 or both of the characters. Feel free to slightly change up the lines to what feels comfortable.

Marcus - Hey I’m just saying if the baby was in my trunk I’d eat the mango and leave the baby instead. Hey Cole ? Why didn’t you make the barricade high enough for me ?

D.N.A - Ladies and gentlemen Dark Ninja Assassin MLG with a KD ratio of 4.3 has joined the lobby. Don’t talk to me like that ! Now who’s ready to loose ?