A few thoughts.

I started in CE and i have enjoyed every halo to date. I want to say I understand how halo 4 is different compared to before reach. But i still feel like i’m playing halo. Anyway regardless of how halo was or “should be” reach H4 are probably what halo 5 and 6 are going to be like. This is 343’s version of halo.

So lets continue shall we? It is very obvious some people dislike some of these new features. But to my knowledge i don’t think i have seen anyone list ways to improve what halo is now without removing the new mechanics. I’m a firm believer of the fact that going backwords is not moving forward. Now i already said this is 343’s version of halo. So with that in mind can anyone list or rather discuss ways to improve upon 343’s halo WITHOUT gutting most of halo 4?

My Thought’s.

I once Love halo 3 Over Halo Reach, But after Time I got use to the new Halo’s.

Company’s make Update’s to get the New generation join, Example New Call of duty game’s was a Major hit, and the new generation of Gamer’s Enjoy Perk’s, fast running ect.

Then you have some vets who hate change & just want halo more like “old school” That they Enjoy.

I like the way Gameplay is going, Because they try make both Generations happy while Advancing Into the Future though no one can make Every one Happy I think they’ve done a Great job.

What I think they Could improve upon.

I want to see “343’s halo” Is a Update to Remove the Server Dc Effect Counting Towards Incomplete Game’s - Quit early. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, the older Halo’s were almost perfect but it needs to change, like call of duty, it changed at 4 and is now a titan amongst games but Halo combatted it, it all changed with Reach, maybe mix 3 and 4 for 5?