A few Thoughts

Hello everyone,I’ve been a long time halo player (have/played them all) and I have a few thoughts on some things and just wondering what other people think.

Playlists - I feel like slayer pro needs to go from Doubles and the Doubles playlist should be just Infinity slayer,CTF and bring back Oddball! for these reasons… 1)Its too easy for one guy to sneak up kill you and your team mate has no chance on 2-1.I find this happens SO much and it gets old fast… 2)why oh why is slayer pro ALWAYS the frist choice on the Doubles playlist??? if it’s gunna stay make it random at least. I played 14 games of doubles and everytime slayer pro was the frist choice… 3)Doubles has always been with radar (i think,i didn’t play halo 2 early online so) and it just feels right with radar (my opinion of course)…also if it is to stay at least put radar in that shows where your team mate is like team throwdown. This all being said i do like slayer pro but feel like it works best on 4-4 playlists and maybe it should be added in the 4-4 playlist as a choice? I think Dominion and Extraction (when it gets added) should be added to the objective playlist.I would say CTF but it really seems like it deserves its own playlist.we don’t want want tons of playlist.I think this was a failing (one of many) of halo reach. I’m impressied by the #'s on CTF i must say. I know some people want big team objective playlist and i must say i have mixed opinons on that. Sometimes i feel it should just be an option in big team,or have it’s own and sometimes i don’t think it should be in halo at all on big team.I find 4-4 Objective works great.As far as people wanting assault back i must totally disagree.I always felt like it was a bad,boring game type…a poor mans CTF and only a small % of people played/liked it (just my opinon once again) Also ammo counts should be changed from playlist to playlist. EX. you should not start with 3 shots in the RAILGUN and STICKY DETONATOR in Doubles.Like in halo3 for ex they lower the rocket launcher ammo count from 4 to 2 shots.

Weapons - I feel like for the most part the weapons are find in halo 4,so good job 343 but some need a few tweets :slight_smile: lol 1)i know it’s been talked about but being able to start with a one shoot kill weapon (boltshot) was the worst idea EVER i think.I know what you were thinking but come on!!! Now this being said the recent changes of the range from 25’ down to 15’ has made a big different and it’s more acceptable but in the future please no more starting with a one shot kil weapon. 2)The railgun needs to be a one shot kill weapon IF it hits you ANYWHERE i feel.So many times i hit a guy and doesn’t kill him…now maybe it’s just me on this i don’t know lol 3)Damage needs to be up for the COVENANT CARBINE (maybe make it like halo3?) and CONCUSSION RIFLE. 4)I love the beam rifle but it’s WAY too easy to get snapshots with it.Everyone i know and talks to in games NEVER zooms with it lol 5)The SUPPRESSOR needs to be a WEE BIT stronger i think.I feel like it’s the worst gun out of the 3 automatics,thoughts? 6)I think more maps need turrets on them.UNSC ones and Covenant. 7) The PULSE GRENADES…LOL ok sorry but really,these are just bad 343.Once again the IDEA is good and i think i know what you were going for but there kinda a epic fail here.Maybe speed up damage done by them?? 8) is it just me or are the PLASMA GRENADE like magnets in halo4? 9) Any one else notice there are A LOT of one shot kill weapons or potential of one shot kill weapons in halo 4? think about it…A lot eh.

Vechicles - Everything is fine more less but up the damage the warthog can take…two PLASMA GRENADE can kill it even with the WHEELMAN PACKAGE power on and since everyone can start with PLASMA now,it’s kind of a joke.

Armor Abilities - THRUSTER PACK is BROKEN!!! I can not stress this enough and i haven’t found one person who disagrees with me here so i don’t think it’s just me who thinks this.It’s not even funny how many times i’ve unloaded on a guy while he is thrusting and doesn’t died.It’s just as bad as evade was in reach (hated that more then armour lock.Actually thought armour lock wasn’t bad after the updates (bleed threw damage,good idea),but thats a other game,lol)…ok maybe not but close.Now i know this wont change in halo 4 and thats fine but i REALLY think in future games ACTIVE CAMOUFLAGE should be removed and it should go back to being a “pick up” like other halo games so your radar isn’t messed when you use it and other peoples aren’t either so you really are invisible or put it in the ordinance drop like the overshields.I feel like that works well too.Everyone i’ve mention this too thought it was a good idea.

I know you want us to go to halo waypoint to check our stats but i really would love it in the future (or halo 5) to be able to check stats right ingame.

Also just an idea i have…Why not for everymap pack,have a poll for 1 old halo map being brought back.For ex. The frist map pack was more bigger maps so you would take maybe 5 of the big maps from past halo games,make a poll and whatever one wins,that map gets remade…or even better do this every 4 months or whatever…and relase just that map! Kinda like coldstorage was for halo 3 :slight_smile:

and for the love of god…get ride of this or change this joining game in progress crap!!! i don’t know if this was a COD thing or what but holy mother of god it’s so bloody person!! i joined 6 games in a row today where the team was just getting killed and there was no point in playing.I spent more time joining that game,quiting and searching for a other one then it would of if the game just waited to find players like it used to.

Anyways i’ll stop there.I’ll get into campain and such a other time,thanks everyone for reading and over all i think 343 did a pretty good job (the music is some of my fav. in any halo game,so good!) on halo 4.I think playlists like Doubles,Sniper,SWAT and a ranked mode should of shipped with it and i feel like it hurt the game in the long run because it didn’t (people have moved on to other games in other words and such) but a lesson lived is a lesson learned :slight_smile: So keep those updates coming and maybe we can get Halo 4 to as good or better then Halo 3 (which in my opinon was the best Online Halo,with halo 2 very close behind :slight_smile: thanks again everyone,enjoy playing HALO!! now…i need a weapon! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

first time I’ve heard anyone complain about the thruster pack being overpowered…

I die all the time mid-thrust. It’s underpowered if anything. It’s no faster than sprint and you literally “hop” to side. WAAAAAY less frustrating than the HUGE jump evade gave you and no where near the level of bull-poopery that Armor Lock was

hmm interesting…good to know bud i’ll keep watching and using it and ya evade was SO bad in reach,totally agree.Thanks for the replay