A few thoughts from the technical preview gameplay

When you sprint, the bouncing HUD is a little overwhelming. Like you’re super heavy. Same when you walk off a ledge, you feel super heavy because your fall speed is so fast, unlike when you jump and it feels floaty. It seems like the time to fall walking off a ledge is faster than falling from a jump of the same distance from the ground, which makes no sense to me at all.
Also, there is no momentum and if you walk off a ledge you fall straight down. There is no velocity from your walking speed translated into the fall and it makes the player feel unresponsive and less fluid-like. Same thing with clamber, the animation feels forced and unnatural and makes you lose sense of control and immersion. Fluidity and connection to your player is what make Halo 2 so competitive.
Of course these are just thoughts I had while watching the gameplay, I’ll have to wait and see in the game where I can create true feedback