A few thoughts and questions on Infinite

Firstly, I am a little sad that I have played for about two hours in the new beta and have yet to see a Scorpion once. I’ve played one game of BTB where wasps were present, and everything else has been low and mid tier vehicles.

I enjoy the gunplay, but one of my favorite things about BTB is big vehicles so I’m definitely missing those.

Additionally, the Wasp feels… sterile? A little bit to flat and easy to fly compared to five where it felt far more alive in terms of bobbing and rolling as you maneuvered.

Does anyone know if Infinite will ever have a Warzone mode introduced? I know the Req system was a bit obnoxious but I loved the game mode and thought it was the best thing out of 5. I will be really disappointed if it doesn’t show up here.

Lastly, the rocket hog is probably more effective with its single continuous fire mode, but it feels way less fun. Maybe that’s the general problem I have with a lot of the changes, particularly around vehicles. They feel overly refined and clean. There was always a chaotic feel to past vehicles. Old rocket hog let out a stream of destruction that was entirely unnecessary for most applications but was fun to use. The new pot pot pot rocket is good but is unexciting.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on these things.