A few things to say

1st of all the 343 forums will be my new home for Halo releated stuff seeing as I have been permanently banned forever on that silly site b.net lol.

Anyway so I look forward to meeting hopefully more polite and helpful people here.

Anyway back on topic.

Just a simple little question and that is this. When do you think we will get the final Halo Reach Map Pack?

Now your thinking why do I think there is going to be 1 more? Well this is my reasoning. Currently Reach has a total Gamerscore of 1700 and 1750 is the max for a game so that means we should be getting 2-3 more achivements that add up to 50G before Halo 4 comes out. I think Juneish would be a good time for it.

Anyway thoughts?

I dont see MS as being squeamish about making a few extra dollars, so another map pack does not seem out of the question and I hope so.

If you havent already, stop by the “roll call” portion of the forum and post a introductory thread about yourself and welcome to Waypoint =)

Why thank you for welcoming me.

> Why thank you for welcoming me.

No probs =)

June? That’d be a ripoff. If there’s going to be another map pack it should be out by April at the latest.