A Few Suggestions to Improve BTB

I know a lot of people like btb the way it is, and the randomness that goes with it. I know people don’t want every playlist to be competitive oriented or too serious. But I think we can find ways to meet in the middle and it still be a good experience for more people.

  1. Pelicans dropping vehicles is not terrible. I think it should be more consistent and predictable though so we can maybe time them though. Knowing a tank is going to be airdropped to a specific location ON BOTH SIDES SIMULTANEOUSLY is good. But one side getting a tank out of nowhere just because they were losing by one flag is not good game design. Especially when the other side gets a gungoose instead.

  2. Even weapon spawns. This has improved somewhat but is still an issue on some maps and gametypes. Both sides should get the same weapons in similar locations, because not every weapon that shows up on racks are 1:1 alternates. One side getting a shock rifle and the other getting a stalker rifle is not fair and not fun.

  3. Random drops are bad in the current implementation. I’ve been saving clips of how wild it gets, but I literally wind up getting a skewer plopped right in front of me and kill a ghost immediately afterwards. That is not EARNED, and it’s not FAIR, especially to that ghost. I just circumvented their ability to make good gameplay choices out of sheer dumb luck. The same goes for every other weapon. I can see getting things dropped but not so randomly and not so often. Maybe limit it to equipment or a specific type of weapons like tier 2 instead of the big stuff like rockets and snipers and skewers.

  4. Some weapons need to be moved around a bit. Snipers on Breaker are too easy to just ego and stand in a safe spot massacring people with over and over, just to pick up fresh ammo without any threat to yourself. The solution isn’t to remove it or replace it in that case, but maybe to increase the timer so it doesn’t respawn as often. Or maybe it should be placed somewhere less easy to camp and utilize, like a low corner at the back of the base so you have to pick it up then work your way over to the spot you want to shoot from. As they are you almost for free have the sight lines you need as soon as you pick it up. That’s just one big example, but lots and lots of weapon placements fall into that same trap.

  5. Pinging things should alert your whole team, not just your fire team.

  6. Choppers should spawn at bases from the start on Breaker instead of warthogs imo. This is more aesthetic than anything, as it’s the only really Banished themed map we have right now. Hogs just get jobbed anyway and are basically a free kill the way the map is set up.

That’s all I have for right now I think.