A few requests for the Waypoint mobile site

I’m not much of a beggar, but now I must beg. In particular, this begging revolves around the mobile site for the new Waypoint forums. That said, I beg for the following:

  1. A quick way to get direct links to posts without having to load a new page. For the desktop version, all I have to do is use the action bar at the top of each post and select “copy the link to this page.” But currently, on mobile, in order to get the direct link of a post I have to either A) copy the post’s content into the search bar and hope that it’ll come up, or B) go the the poster’s recent posts and find it. Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a pain to do and with people like myself who have limited data plans for cell service, every megabyte wasted in frequently loading new pages is one step closer to having a special surprise in the phone bill.

  2. Being able to use the Source Code mode for the text editor. The desktop version allows me to view the BB codes themselves rather than their effects by selecting Source Code mode - this allows me to maintain my organizational sanity when making posts. However, on mobile, such feature is not available and therefore resulting in me having to battle my touchscreen.

Other than that, the new site is rapidly growing on me.