A few random Campaign ideas: MARINES ROLL OUT!

Right now the marines in campaign outside of being the best marines in the game combat wise feel well like they don’t have much purpose in the larger sandbox. We don’t see them using vehicles or turrets, we don’t see any mass combat, and well we don’t see any types or special variants.

This has got me thinking and here are several ideas.



Info: in white helmets and armor, these guys are unlocked early with the valor system, by default they spawn with sidekick pistols though when found in survivor groups they might have better weapons. Game play wise these guys avoid direct combat but have a unique ability they can hand biofoam and medkits to other soldiers healing them in the fight.

gameplay use: will heal other marines to full health if they ever drop bellow half health.

Ammo carrier

Info: After the fall of the infinity many squads realized restocking ammo was going to be a a pain. Thankfully these guys stepped up, modifying their packs with Banished ammo boxes. These soldiers have ballistic, energy, or power ammo packs on their back that the player can refill ammo from if out. they also tend to have spare UNSC grenades on the pack so stock up while you can.

gameplay: just a marine with a special backpack that can refill ammo similar to on map ammo packs. player can always get at least 1 grenade from them.


We all want these guys back, to complement their updated role in the world, ODSTS have a weak shield and tend to have snipers or shotguns depending on where they are found. unlike other marines they take advantage of the back up weapon system. The snipers swapping to their sidekicks at close range, and the ones with shotguns swapping to a commando at longer range. Yes that means you can give them a rocket launcher and an MA40.

load outs
ODST SNIPER: sniper rifle and sidekick
ODST CQB: Bulldog, and commando
ODST AT: Spanker and BR
Standard ODST: BR and sidekick

Across all: Will use grenades more often then standard soldiers


IT isn’t only Spartans that can use dismounted M247Hs these guys will as well. heavies are armed with the dismounted HMG and will use it to great effect on the battlefield. the down side is if enemies get to close they will drop it and swap to their sidekick or Ma40 becoming just another grunt for a bit. the good news is their AI is unique as they can and will go for hog turrets and mounted m247Hs when ever they can. Detaching the 247s when ever combat is over.

Unique feature: they can keep their weapon when in the back of a razorback, though they will drop it when entering any other vehicle.


Spartans where not the only power armor on the field, sure the cyclops is a work horse but do to resent events mounting twin 247s on them and using them in combat isn’t unheard of especially among UNSC survivors on zeta.

this heavy infantry is more a vehicle then a soldier you can even take control of it yourself by kicking the marine out. but in combat they are quite unique two of them can ride on the back of a razorback and their heavy firepower and armor makes them a rather useful ally.

How to introduce these guys into the game.

Post game story

Once Chief beats Escharum and the ending scene plays out, a new radio message will be heard back at base with the weapon stating.

“Chief you have to hear this, we have other UNSC squads calling for help. Seems word is getting out.”

She will then pull up the tack map and mark a large group of marines in one of the areas

“I am getting reports of a platoon who is hold up in a forerunner structure in this area. They need our help.”

This starts a mini campaign where you enter that cave and find a massive complex where the banished are attacking not only through the main entry but other paths throughout the cave system. This is a basic halo level but you see a lot of marines in it, defending choke points using the turret on a destroyed rocket hog to blow up a phantom and many other tasks.

It is a short fight at the entry to the cave but after it is done a marine will come over and inform you that the banished breached from another entry point and they are having problems pushing them back. the weapon will inform the marines to make their way to outpost Travonious and Chief will clear things out. Chief confirms this. With the pilot landing nearby to pick up the marines.

Pilot: “I will pick up anyone you save chief. Just be careful in there.”

The next mission is a combined arms mission where you and the marines push back the banished and save as many soldiers as possible. several sections of the mission showing off the new marines in different ways. Once the mission is complete said marines will appear on the valor list and at FoBs.

this of course would introduce new characters or old characters as well.

Unique post game feature

The trap

At the end of the cave is a location the marines call the trap, it is a kill box the banished built up and you have to save a few marines from at the end of the linier story but once it is done you can do a repeat mission of just the trap for a small horde mode test of strength where you can bring in allies and vehicles to support you.

Also in this area the marines will drive hogs.


Another idea: The Mark key should work like a command key.

Mark a vehicle or turret, marines get in it, mark an enemy they focus on it. Mark a weapon someone goes and picks it up.


Though cool idea, it isn’t compatible with controller. Mark is the same button as the flashlight. Unless I’m forgetting a keybind, there isn’t really one available.

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They could just make the flashlight come one in dark areas?

Maybe, but I think that it could lead to the flashlight not coming on when it needs to.

The only problem with this idea is that it would require massive time and resources, and since this is 343 were talking about it would probably take them about three times as long to do as any other studio. I used to defend them every chance I got, but they’ve let me down a couple dozen too many times at this point.

Tap for flashlight, hold for mark. problem solved.
On PC you have to have separate keybinds which is annoying. I have to have flashlight on F (where I normally put mark and flashlight depending on the game) and mark on T instead of having both on one button like on controller.
A mark button is also sorely needed in co-op.

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Good idea, but let’s swap that actually. Hold for flashlight, tap for mark. I’d imagine I need to instruct marines on what to do faster than turning on my flashlight.

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Makes sense and would really help the game in that order as well.

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I wouldn’t mind this as long as we get more Banished patrolling because it feels too empty

agreed, they really need more patrols that are just along the roads and maybe the ability to attack FoBs this would be post campaign stuff though.

Realized I forgot marines actually driving as part of this.

But as for the campaign at the moment I don’t think that fits. Personally I would love to see them driving again but I get the feeling we don’t for a reason likely banished tracking vehicles or something?

Could be a good excuse for an outpost raid. take out a facility where they are tracking UNSC vehicle transponders. Once it is done marines driving hogs and wasps start spawning in the overworld.

I mean just imagine running a replay of an outpost and having 3 hogs behind you and a wasp in the air.

I agree it would be great if the marines had more depth to them. Love the medic and ammo marine ideas, the medic one would have lent itself to games like Halo 1 and Reach where the health bar didn’t automatically regenerate. Ammo marine just makes sense with an open world game.

I also agree with having marines drive vehicles, they have in every other halo game this one should be no different.

Additional ODST support in campaign is an awesome idea and I would love to see it incorporated into some possible future DLC campaign.

Agreed, the ODST’s where one of the best parts of halo 2 having an ally that was the best of the best. YES. I miss them in 343is halos.