A few quirks of low ping games I've noticed

I usually play at night (EST) which results in constant clean, lagless matches. However this morning I decided to hop on and try to get a CTF game to finish one of my last challenges, and I noticed a very interesting couple of side effects to higher ping matches.

1: Frame rate decreases.

I play on original Xbox One hardware, which means I’m locked at 30fps. That’s okay though, as I’m very used to the frame rate from Destiny and growing up with Halo. However, during laggier games I’ve noticed my framerate constantly chugs, easily 20fps as a constant, dipping the more stuff that is going on. FPS shouldn’t be tied to network connection so I have no idea why this is happening. This, coupled with the very mild rubber banding I see on other players makes engagements tough to manage even with delayed shot registration.

2: Aim Assist actually gets worse.

I already knew that frame rate was connected to Aim Assist in some way, my roommate has a solid PC, and Xbox Series X he was kind enough to let me use a few times. And I have other complaints about that too (controller on PC actually has less vertical recoil on the Commando and Sentinel Beam than console does for instance, don’t ask me why they would do that but they did). But in both 60fps on PC and 120 on Series, aim assist felt much, much stickier than it was at 30 on the One. If I had to guess why its probably because Aim Assist is calculated by frame, so you are getting twice, or 4x as many frames worth of AA calculations on superior hardware.

Now what do you get when the frame rate dips down to 20 or lower? Actual non-existent aim assist. Even the AR, the stickiest weapon in the game, loses reticle stick at the slightest movement. And I’ve grown pretty darn competent in my BR, Mangler and Sidekick shot over the last week or so, to the point where I feel nearly as comfortable with my aim in Infinite at 30fps as I do in Halo 3 at 60. But man’s can I just not keep my reticle on a target during a laggy/low fps match.

Anyway, this needs to be looked at, I’ll be filing a support ticket on it because the one thing you should still be able to rely on when your connection is suboptimal is your local performance, the frame rate and game mechanics, to keep feeling smooth even if you’re dealing with a little bit of rubber banding and delayed/missing shot registration.