A few questions...

I know these questions have probably been answered before, somewhere scattered around these forums (maybe? Not sure the info is even available yet). However, it would take a while to find them all and I figured some of the die-hards would like to flex their Halo knowledge muscles anyway. So, here goes:

  1. To my understanding, the multiplayer in H:CEA will run on the Reach engine. I know it will operate on it’s own without Reach, I get that much. However, does this mean ALL the Reach elements follow with it? In other words, is it going to just be, basically, a map pack for Reach w/ Halo: CE’s original weapons? Or will there be tweaks to turn on certain classic elements (i.e. turn bloom off, enable the triple pistol, etc.)?

  2. It looks like multiplayer will not be using Master Chief as the character models. Does that mean this multiplayer will pull from Reach’s player stats, character armor, etc.?

  3. Is the Reach engine just running the game, and the controls & movements (physics as well) the same as the the original, for multiplayer? I know for the campaign it’s 100% exactly like the original in terms of everything but looks (well, with the graphic layer on anyway), but the multiplayer looks like it’s just people using Halo: Reach & playing on some re-mastered maps, which would suck because I want the same feel as the original when playing multiplayer; Reach has enough maps, I don’t want to -Yoink!- the Halo: CE & Halo 2 maps by using more Reach physics.

Thanks :slight_smile:


  1. Yes. The multiplayer here will basically be a map pack for Reach

2 & 3. When you use the multiplayer in anniversary, it will load up the multiplayer for Halo Reach. this is much like Halo 3 ODST’s multiplayer disc, except now the anniversary campaign and multiplayer are on 1 disc. There is no new online multiplayer, only an expansion to Reach.


I did hear that, while there’s no expansion for Reach, it (Reach) is getting a pretty serious Title Update (or has, can’t remember) which will accommodate tweaks for H:CEA.

I watched a video on Facebook (via Waypoint’s page) saying something about how you’ll be able to turn on/off certain features in multiplayer, to make it more like the best of both worlds.