A few questions about gold xp packs

Started playing again recently in efforts to reach SR152 before Infinite comes out (currently 150) and trying to strategize how to go about it. I remember there used to be legendary xp packs in the store every now and then. Do they still do that? If so, when are they likely to come back and how many req points do they cost usually?

Yep, I think last time they put them was in the last days of december to first weeks of january. They were very expensive, I don’t bought any but I think they were about 150,000 (I think they have 20 boosts) They were two, the warzone one and the arena one. I think if you wanna use money you can buy them at the store.

Nobody knows when they return only 343, but you can buy it with real money on the MStore

You should use Microsoft/bing rewards for gift cards for packs. That is what I did for extra packs and not have to use real money for them.

Wow thanks for that info. I have a fair amount of reward points but couldn’t find any xp boost packs in the microsoft store. Only what’s already available to purchase in-game. Any tips?