A few minor things in h4 that should be added

First of all, i’m not the first guy who thinks halo 4 ,at the moment, is boring.

Second, we have so many few playlists right now. For example, multi-team should be added as a permanent playlist, action sack should be added aswell but it would be better as non-kd playlist just to chill out.

Have an option that makes easier to find people to play custom games which, IMO, its between 2nd and 3rd thing in halo that is worth playing.

Add more maps in all PLAYLISTS… playing only in exile, ragnarok or haven is getting very very boring.

Mongooses are essential in Team Snipers… i had alot of fun playing with it in halo Reach.

With this changes, Halo 4 would be alot more fun.
Goodbye all and thanks for reading.