A few (minor) complaints I have

First of all, let me get something straight: I freaking loved playing Halo Infinite. From the first flight back in July to the most recent one, I have been playing it every chance I would get. However, it was not perfect. Of course, things like bugs will be fixed upon release, but there are some things I would like to see changed upon release. The first of my complaints is that there is no friendly fire whatsoever. Surprisingly enough, friendly fire was a big part of Halo’s more tactical gameplay in comparison to other arena shooters like Quake and Unreal at the time. Friendly fire made sure that you had to be careful when you used grenades or weapons with a large spread in small confined spaces with teammates, as you could accidentally kill your teammates and you would be punished by the game accordingly. I do think that this might be one of those things that will be added in on release and was left out of the beta for unspecified reasons (griefing?). I also dislike how the progression works. Sure, a thousand threads across the Internet have been made about how the absence of regular per-match XP is a bad thing and here it is again, boohoo. But it really is a problem. I can easily drop 20+ kills in a match but if only 2 of those were Sidekick kills? From where the game’s looking it seems like an 18-karat run of bad luck. But what if I don’t WANT to use the Sidekick to get 10 kills just to get a new armor piece? Thankfully, the battle pass isn’t FOMO-based but this ties directly into my next complaint, the only way to get armor customization is through a paid BATTLE PASS?! Come on guys, yeah it’s what every ever game under the sun is doing now, but this is Halo! Not just “another shooter game”! I hope the free pass allows us to at least earn things like basic color combinations (never thought I’d say that) and armor pieces that we’ve come to expect. Perhaps if you complete the campaign you’ll be able to earn the iconic Master Chief armor from this game and a coating that paints it like it, similarly how DOOM 2016 had the Campaign Praetor Suit as an unlockable cosmetic item for players who got to max rank. But hey, a man can dream, right? Well, that’s all I have, for now, comment about your opinions and suggestions! I’ll love to chat with all of you about what you liked and didn’t about this game that is shaping up to be pretty damn decent.