A few guns that need buffs

Wanted to talk about several guns I think need buffs. I’ll list them along with the changes I feel are appropriate, feel free to agree or disagree.

Commando: the commando just kinda stinks. It has several problems; too much kick, not enough damage, and too small of a clip (20 rounds, seriously?). They should bump it to 30 rounds, make it kick about half as much, and make it kill a shot faster.

Disruptor: The disruptor’s most obvious problem is the PATHETIC 10 round clip. This should be at least 15, preferably 20. To get a kill without first reloading, you more or less must shoot perfectly. And for what? A gun that deals somewhat sluggish DPS and isn’t any more practical than the AR you start with. Along with the clip size buff they should also increase the residual shock damage a bit to bump it’s kill speed. These changes would make the disruptor rewarding to pick up but certainly not OP in anyway.

Pulse Carbine: This gun is just strange. In case you didn’t know, the homing behavior is vastly stronger when scoped and almost non existent when unscoped, making it borderline OP when scoped in at certain distances and angles, and complete trash close range when unscoped. Just make it more rounded and balanced. Greatly increase the unscoped homing behavior and make the scoped homing behavior just a tiny bit weaker.

Sentinel beam: the problem with the sent beam is it recoils too much and the beam is a tiny hitbox, making it very challenging to hold on anyone with a halfway decent strafe. They should either make the beam wider and easier to hit or remove the upward drag when firing, perhaps both.

Hydra: what’s the deal with this gun? Just seems like total trash. I’m always disappointed every single time I use it. Buff the projectile speed and damage, for the love of god.

Shotguns (heatwave and bulldog): Both these guns could use a tiny damage buff. It just seems like the shotgun niche is a little too weak currently.

Those are the main ones I wanted to talk about. Other guns could certainly use some tweaks too but I’ll stop here. Anyways feel free to agree or disagree thanks for reading.

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The sentinel beam is a ray of death with a mouse, and basically useless on controller. I don’t know how they’re going to balance it.

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It seems you have forgotten the plasma pistol, it is now a shell of it’s former self.

Also, Hydra is pretty good. Use it without the homing setting to get the speed and damage buff you are asking for.


The Bulldog and Heatwave are actually fine for me. The Heatwave can actually kill with two shots as long as you aim a bit more towards the head and its range can still make it viable even slightly beyond close range. The Bulldog I prefer the more gunfighty nature to the previous shotguns; not as powerful damage-wise but I’ve annihilated and been annihilated in turn at close range.

Hydra I think is fine as well. Definitely don’t go in with it thinking you’re gonna kill Spartans; that thing is a vehicle killer and it does it well in my opinion. Or at least well enough for a weapon that isn’t technically a power weapon like the Rocket Launcher or Skewer. Wasps just need to drift too much out into the open and I can lock-on and blast them out of the skies while dumb-firing on Warthogs and other vehicles can really chew them up.

As someone already mentioned, the Sentinel Beam is actually quite powerful. Even on a controller, if I’m able to keep a beam on someone it’ll melt them. Mouse and Keyboard do seem to have an easier time keeping the beam on people.

Commando is a really weird one. It has a lot of its disadvantages, but if you can keep it on people it’ll melt their shields and pulverize their skulls if you can land that headshot immediately afterwards. Its recoil and handling makes it almost like a toss-up though as for one or a couple enemies I can gun them down faster than an Assault Rifle at close range, but then the next couple I’m shooting everywhere except their head.

I think lowering the bloom/recoil may be enough to make it a much more viable weapon. Adding more damage and lessening the recoil may make it too powerful.

Disruptor…I honestly don’t know what to say. This is really a weapon that I think is just so niche that its just pointless. Its shock discharge is only good for groups which rarely happens - needing the enemies to group up and you needing to actually have the weapon which no one wants - and at this point you’re only really grabbing it if you don’t have a Shock Rifle or Dynamo Grenades on hand when you know a vehicle is coming so you grab that and hope for the best.

This is one weapon where I’m tempted to say that I’d rather just see it dumped entirely and just give the Plasma Pistol back its EMP capabilities. We actually had a weapon that was filling the roles that the Disruptor is trying and really coming up short in doing, imo.

Pulse Carbine I don’t see as hopeless because, yes, when you play it to its ranges its pretty exceptional; its just tricky. I’m not quite sure how one would balance it though to make it more rounded without making it either too strong or too weak.


Let’s not forget the ravager. If nothing else, they at least need to increase the ammo capacity and reduce the time it takes to cool the gun after firing a fully charged shot.

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What are you talking about. This entire game need a buff. Maybe nerf the developer and get a new company that actually knows how to make a game.

Pulse Carbine:
In the campaign, even on legendary, a beast, a must to compete against the bosses.
In MP, just useless. Homing is broken. 4 shots and it overheats. 4 shot on the body only strip the shield away. I dont pick it up anymore,

Should be much more deadly when its full charged up. Also when firing without charging the weapon. 3 shot should be enough, but you get outgunned by the AR.
I use the ravager only for the “noob” combo, 2 shot and melee.

A beast when you have a challenge where you have to get assists.
Just compare the actual hydra with the standard hydra of Halo 5. This is how the hydra should work.

Bulldog and Heatwave:
Both weapon are fine. I always pick them up. They are well balanced. Dont need any change.

Plasma Pistol:
Just restore the EMP capability and the weapon is fine.

I actually feel that the Sentinel Beam is actually really good. If I had one complaint about it, it’d be that it just runs out of ammo so damn quickly…

Heat Wave I would argue does not need a buff. It’s actually a really solid weapon IMO… I think bull dog should be a two hit kill with two close range meat shots though ( at least consistently if it can actually kill though ).

They aren’t bad guns by any means, I just feel they could use a tiny bit more damage because currently the power and versatility of the AR is making them too niche imo.

Maybe you are right, but why not make it work against personnel too. It was basically perfect in H5 tbh.

I could see it working on mouse & key much better. But man I’m convinced it is simply unreliable on controller. I ran like 100 tier 3 weapon drills with it trying to get the hang of it and am convinced of this. All the enemy needs to do is strafe left, right, or jump and they totally throw off your beam, leaving you desperately trying to correct as the beam is kicking upwards, and very quickly burning out its clip. I typically wonder: “why didn’t I just use my AR.”

We are largely in agreement on these two. Do you agree with my suggestion of increasing the clip size and DoT effect of the disruptor? I would hate to see it simply removed, as it is a cool gun- I like the aesthetics and sound.

As for the pulse carbine, I think they could do it with some thought and effort.

Was the heat wave nerfed? I thought it could 1 shot in the vertical mode if all the pellets hit, but recently I can’t seem to pull that off. Adding to the fun is that the pellets ricochet back into my face most of the time so I take more damage and lose many of the fights I use it in.

I don’t think it can kill in less then two shots. Which I feel is fine honestly…

For some more anti-personnel capabilities for the Hydra I’d say maybe two direct hits with the rockets on dumb-fire instead of three and three instead of four for tracking. Problem is that a two-shot kill Hydra might be too much - at least for me. Maybe increase its splash damage a little.

The problem I see with your Disruptor suggestions is that even with the clip size and increased DoT effect…what’s the point? I think even with an increased clip size I feel like the only thing that’s really making it better is being more forgiving at hitting vehicles to EMP them and even then its still gonna probably be a weapon that people will pick up as a last resort for vehicles when there’s no better ones around like I mentioned before. In a Spartan vs Spartan fight you still have to contend with its very weak damage and slow fire rate when compared to other weapons. If you’re going one-on-one and you need to shoot more than ten shots in that fight, at least in my experience you’re already gonna be dead by that point unless you’re up against a really bad opponent.

Increasing the residual shock damage also makes it seem to me that it’ll just make sure the Spartan you’ve been shooting at dies after they kill you :rofl:

While I think a lot of the weapons can be improved on with a couple buffs or a little reworking, the Disruptor really is as close to a lost cause as any Infinite weapon can be to me.