A few gripes with the vehicles.

Firstly, as a whole, I love them, these are just some minor complaints. I’m especially fond of the “glide” motion of the Ghost, and the snappy turns you can pull with the Warthog.

As for my gripes:

1: The Warthog’s turret reticle isn’t very good. It’s far too small, and half of it is opaque, which is never good for a reticle. What was wrong with the classic circular reticle, or even the one from Halo 4?

2: The Warthog’s horn is disappointing, this is another area where I think the replacement sound just doesn’t match the original in how distinctive it is. It just sounds a little too generic for my liking.

3: The Ghost’s firing sound doesn’t really sound right. This one’s a bit hard for me to critique as I don’t really know what about it is really rubbing me the wrong way, hopefully somebody a little more educated in soundwork can shine some light on it.

That was all of the notable ones from me. If anybody else has their own, by all means voice em’.