A few changes I'd like to see in FFA

For one it needs to be ranked but that’s not the main feedback of this thread.

I may not like equipment but when it comes to FFA I feel like there should be a lot more equipment spawns. At least two more on each map. Right now it doesn’t feel like there is much to play with.

Power weapons like the rocket launcher don’t belong in FFA. It’s to much power in a FFA. It’s not like everyone is starting off on two sides of the map. Everyone starts in a different place. Some are closer to the power weapons than others.

The mics need to come back for after the match. I miss talking to all the players right after I won or lost. Some light trash talking always made the game a bit more exciting to play. It would be cool if we could talk before the match too.

FFA needs 8 players. Since no one is flying around anymore with the thruster it needs to go back to 8 players. It was only made 6 because of Halo 5.

There shouldn’t be a join in feature. I guess that’s what you get with a social playlist but it ruins the fun when players join and they get picked apart by the top two players.

I would experiment with sidekick only starts for FFA. To much AR spam. If it’s ranked I guess the BR would be in but I think the sidekick would be fine because players wouldn’t have the BR range and steal kills across the map.

Again. A ranked playlist would probably have no radar but I think radar ruins FFA the most. A lot of people wait around corners to do the mangler/melee combo. Or just double melee period. Players should have the incentive to walk around and look for kills. Not wait for kills.

Largely agree with this - I used to love the chaos of 8-player FFA as those 2 extra players make an enormous difference.

I can’t see them taking power weapons out in a social playlist context but you never know.

I would much prefer a Sidekick start but I think in the name of consistency it will remain AR-starts because all unranked playlists and gamemodes are, notwithstanding Swat and Fiesta. I just can’t envisage them wanting to have completely different loadouts for every playlist, even if that would be the right thing to do.

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I love FFA modes in all games but Infinite’s is such a joyless experience with the AR starts.

Power weapons I’m fine with. Maybe reduce the Rocket ammo down to 2 like in ranked.

Reducing it to two could work as well