A far cry from the old games, Halo Infinite has failed us

I am greatly disappointed in the Halo Infinite game. The weapons, vehicles, game mods all feel alien to me.

The iconic weapons I know and love are half in. I’ve always loved the MA5, a staplevweapon in the UNSC’s arsenal thst has been tested time and again. It and the sniper rifle as well as the BR remain to this day reliable tools for destruction with the Rocket Launcher retaining its might. But these new weapons, the commando is no replacement for an AR or the now lost DMR. While effective it just doesn’t fit in my hands. Nor does the shotgun. The shotguns predecessor was easily a weapon you loved to use, hold and hoard. I think twice when I see this new version, especially in BTB where it’s short range is barely suited for any game type or purpose other than base defense. The Hydra is suited purely for anti vehicle combat rather than anti personnel. While it hurts it just doesn’t seem as viable as other weapons.

The Banished weapons look and feel right, with the exception of plasma rifle. The new version is a burst fire, five bolts I think. I don’t get to use it a lot but it is hardly memorable. These new EMP grenades are a booon for ambushes and anti vehicle actions.

Vehicles look wonderful but come off as weak and easily destroyed with a hail fire of anything. The worst part is player wise. No one seems to use any of the vehicles tactically. Hog drivers forget gunners and passengers and pinging them for pick up is irrelevant since teammates outside squads don’t get pings. Yanks are easily overrun by the opposition because an inadequate pilot operates it into the front and thick of battle rather than use distance to overwatch or secure choke points and passages. Banshees and Wasps feel like paper.

The experience gain forces players to do challenges rather than play a match proper. All armor unlocks are locked behind challenges. Battle pass or the store rather than progression. Something forgotten from halos of old. Reach being the best example and halo 5 the worst. At least halo 5 allowed us the long term grind. I’d much prefer a return to Reach, even Halo 4.

You follow in the footsteps of Bungie and other developers. You cause this halo veteran to reconsider this game. You haveclet us down. Why?

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