A dozen from Dozen

My nickname in the halcyon days of undergrad was Dozen and I have one dozen platinum packs to spare. You want one? Okay, here’s what you have to do. Tell me the story of the event you are proudest of in your time playing Halo or as a member of this community.

  • Standard Forum Rules Apply. Keep it Clean People. - Winners will be determined by an undetermined method of my choosing. - One post per customer, if you want to tell more than one story that is what the edit button is for. - If you want to share and don’t want a pack feel free, but please state so in your post. - You have 7 days to live after reading this. I mean seven days till this giveaway is over. I.E. 29 July 2018 this thread will be closed.

When I was in High school my friends and I were playing a CE LAN on blood gulch. One of my buddies had been trash talking the whole game. In the middle of a gunfight with him, my girlfriend thought it would be funny to choose that time to hold my hand. Somehow I managed to get a no scope headshot on my buddy by aiming with one hand and pulling the trigger with my chin. I know it was absolutely luck, but my other friends that saw it wouldn’t let the trash talker live it down. Even now that most of my friends have moved on from Halo, that’s still a fun laugh that comes up in conversation occasionally when we hang out.

Halo 2 came out in 2004. I was four years old. I was an annoying little sister to my older brother and I always nagged him to let me watch him play with him and his friends. He’s the reason I started gaming and Halo was the game I grew up on .
Sentiment aside, one day, as I was watching him and his friends do multiplayer, my brother joked to his friends that he’d let me play and that I’ll beat them. They absolutely got a kick out of that, but I insisted to play. My tiny hands couldn’t even wrap around the controller fully. He even gave me his mic so I could listen to his friends as I played .

I’ll remember this to the end of my days: The map was Sanctuary . It was FFA Slayer and his four friends we’re going on and on about how it should be a breeze.
My first kill in halo was a plasma rifle and a spiker combo that absolutely caught them off guard. Sure, I was 4 so I was not graceful in the slightest . I would jump in place or get stuck and you could liken me to a chameleon:looking one way and moving the other .
Despite all of that, I ended up getting 16 kills .My brother was stunned and I was the proudest 4 year old on the planet that day.
Man remembering that brings up some great times. Thanks for the prompt and I hope you got a kick out of the story as much as I did.

>Be me
>343 Covenant Slayer playdate starts
>Play a few matches
>No Luck
>Come up with a plan
>Bring up Friends list
>Monitor Unyshek’s profile
>Wait for his status to say “Matchmaking: Searching”
>Time passes slower than an overtaking lorry.
>It Happens
>Commence Matchmaking
>Stasis map loads
>See 343 emblems
>Excited screeching
>Play like a noob
>Receive Ice skin

10/10 -would add another fine addition to my collection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This was on Valhalla in Halo 3 back in like ‘08 or ‘09. We were at the base at the opposite side of the big body of water. The other team was winning 49 to something-not-even-close (not one of our good games obviously) in a 4v4 Slayer match.

My buddy got annoyed and said, “Screw it, I’m taking the Warthog through the man cannon.” He got in the driver seat and a rando jumped in the back. The other rando jumped into the driver’s seat of the Mongoose. The convoy of two began to head for the man cannon and I, standing in the middle of the platform, warned them not to. My buddy, however, continued his quest of not giving a damn.

5 seconds later, the Warthog was in the man cannon with the Mongoose right behind. The Hog barely launched one foot in the air before a laser hit it and the Mongoose. Final score, 52 - something-even-more-not-close. I couldn’t stop laughing and he couldn’t stop cursing. I think I solo’d it for the rest of the day after that.

How is this a proud moment? Well, I’m proud that moment happened so I could have some good laughs that day and many years after and share with Waypoint users :blush:

My proudest moment was getting Frank o’connor himself to tweet “I’m more of senpai”

“What happens on Requim stays on Requim.”

During a Spartan Ops game with three randoms, the repetitive Desert Match to be specific as I can. We had all but completed the objective, and just had a few covie stragglers to kill. Before that, we started running each other over with ghosts, and crouching/standing up over the body of a fellow Spartan whenever they got splattered.

One of the randoms was a kid, who started complaining about our shenanigans, and just wanted to complete the level. After a few complaints, the three of who were still playing around all got into a ghost, splattering him and desecrating his corpse. And with the grand finale of him finally rage quitting…he got splattered, and started going into this long angry rant about how we are all on the same side, and should work together as a team. The whole time his Spartan’s dead body was disrespected by all three of us. So much so that it was ragdolling, and I could swear there were audible squeaking sounds from our Mjolnir against his as well.

The event I am most proud of in my time playing halo was when in halo 5 infection i survied for two minutes(about) as last me standing and I was not camping

Ok,so there’s I was top mid on narrows with the sniper rifle. I saw the whole blue team coming to get me and 1 guy had rockets. I was sure I was about to get slaughtered. Well, I jumped in to the air going for a quick scope, pulled the trigger BAM triple kill and a betrayal. I later watched the vid in theater. I sniped my teammate in the back of the head who apparently jumped in front of me, I clipped a rocket that had been fired which sent the rocket veering off to the side blowing up 1 enemy and killed the other 2 enemies with a headshot. Yep. That’s about it.

My proudest moment was when I finally made it through Reach Solo Legendary. Finally beating those last Zealots. Blasting a MAC round through that cruiser. It was a new account, and that “5 achievements worth 360 G” was just such a rush to me. I know I wasn’t the first, and I definitely wasn’t the fastest, but for me, it’s the event that really helped me begin to love HALO. I’ll always have fond memories of Reach. It never really felt the same in 4 or 5.

To start, please give the pack to the most deserving. I’m not needing it. Been playing since day one. Never knew about this site until H5. I had a problem staying connected to the game, and was directed here. With Matador INC help I was able to solve the problem. My proudest moment is meeting all of you wonderful people here with the same interests as my self, and having tons of fun!

Four days remain.

Beating MCC’s games (including ODST) on Legendary without speedrunning and using skulls, I pretty much screamed after killing Tartarus because I had to do that fight twice since I died when the cutscene came, especially with Halo 2’s notorious difficulty since I saved Halo 2 for last. It’s the only reason I use the Helioskrill armour because it’s an armour that showed I earned it.

Also beating Halo 5’s campaign on Legendary with the Iron Skull on.

I Spartan Charged Ka Five off the ledge into the Hunters the very first time we played Halo 5 campaign.

I laughed for a solid hour.

Annual Vidmaster challenge in Halo 3. Just an all-around fun challenge to do with 3 friends. Was proud of our accomplishment. Wasn’t easy, was even frustrating at times. But we persevered and beat it. Also it led to me getting Recon, so, nice.

Don’t give me any packs.

My proudest moments in Halo was when I figured out in Halo 4 by accident with an old friend that with different connections in custom games as well as a well-positioned mantis in a set of Mancannons, you can put the tanks through the floors and walls while seizuring out as well as have banshees go through the floors and walls while seizuring out and have Ghosts and Warthogs float and spin erratically in the air. I’ll let this playlist be Proof (Click meh!), the good ol days of Kicking Mantis. The shorter videos in the playlist are better.

In 2009 there was a community play date with the folks from Rooster Teeth. Invite them to a game of Halo 3 and they might join you, so I hosted a custom games night to celebrate the occasion. The night went on and we had fun, but eventually my friends got tired of waiting and went offline. I was a feeling a bit bummed that they didn’t join until I saw Burnie Burns gamertag pop up in the lobby. I loaded up a game of slayer on one of my half-decent forge maps, and got to chat with the man behind RvB. Looking back it seemed so silly getting so hyped, but it is one of my fondest memories of Halo.

I’ve already completed my REQ library, give the pack to someone else who could need it more than me.

Only a few more hours to get an entry in

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