A "don't talk to me" thread.

Now I have been visiting these forums for quite some time (though I usually don’t post anything) and I have noticed that the same people keep trash talking Reach. Now, I know that each individual is intitled to their own opinion, though I grow tired of their sometimes incoherent rants. Let’s take a few commonly used arguments:

1.) overpowered banshee
2.) grenade spamming
3.) low vehicle health
4.) slow gameplay
5.) amor lock ruining gameplay

Now my carefully prepared rebuttals:
1.) Do not talk to me about overpowered banshees until you have played Halo 2 online. This Covenant hell machine rips apart not only lowly infantry, but also scorpions and wraiths. The only feasible way to defeat that horror is with a locked on missle. ( I have h2v so I assure you, I have recently faced the Halo 2 banshee. shudder

2.) do not talk to me about grenade spamming hooligans until you have played halo 3. Goodness gracious need I say more? The last time I played a match (it was ctf on Standoff btw) it was nothing more than an -Yoink!- of grenades and respawns!

3.) Honestly, I have no "well put"argument for this one, though I for one would prefer vehicles with low health, than a lot of health. I will once again cite halo 2. Say it’s a match of slayer on Coagulation, and your team managed to swipe the rocket launcher from the center of the map; good for you. With a scorpion liberally dosing your base with cannon fire, you have no choice but to use your precious missiles on the burly tank. Low and behold, here comes Jimmy McGee in the banshee. Now all you can do is watch in horror as little Jimmy rapes your spawn zone with a banshee that is not even dented by your puny. looks at wall of text oops… Teehee :slight_smile:

4.) Sweet baby Jesus, kill times in halo 3 are exasperating. It just takes soooooooooo long. (see what I did there?) The so called Heavy Barrel battle rifle doesn’t deserve my spit! Give me the normal BR55 or a DMR any day.

5.) this is one I’m actually going to agree with, armor lockers are occasionally annoying, and it does take somthing away from the game, but not nearly as much as the stupid power drain!!! shakes fist at power drain

Well that’s all I feel like writing right now (laziness…it’s a plague) but please reply! Tell me what you think about my pseudo-rant. Should I add anything?

Perhaps add something about bloom? XD

UM… How long did this take you to type?

I never had a problem with bloom, but I can see how some might be frustrated with it. Wasn’t bloom in CE? I can’t quite remember that one…oh well.

Whoops, didn’t see your post before I replied to lash ghost. It really took only about five minutes to type up, though I didn’t feel like scanning for grammatical errors so that’s how I finished so quickly.

I personally don’t have an issue with bloom. Although the majority of Reach haters always seem to bring up how bloom is “the worst thing to come to halo” or “is sooo unbalanced that the game instantly sucks”. I find this quite ridiculous, even when understanding why people complain about this.

> UM… How long did this take you to type?

you think that is long you should see my posts ( that i in fact edit to down size before i post.) I could build a town with my walls of text