A discussion on the future of the Forge mode

Honestly with the incredible work from Tom French and his team behind Halo 5, I cannot state enough that the Forge is my favourite part of Halo 5 Guardians. Post your thoughts below and Merry Christmas!

I want a undo button :’)

I’m happy 343 understands how important Forge is to Halo. I’m looking forward to an even awesomer Forge in Halo 6 :gift:

In the absence of a solo PvE game mode, forge is also my favorite part of Halo 5. But for me the forge experience is inextricably linked with the custom game experience and with the customs browser. The browser could be improved and I imagine that will be a part of the next game. What 343 can’t improve is the fact that the vast majority of players use customs as a temple to inanity. Somewhere between the rigidly conformist Forgehub and the chaos and anarchy of the customs browswer there should be a middle ground, maybe in the form of a dedicated 4v4 play testing playlist. Maybe even one for 8v8, if only to give us some confidence that the maps in BTB have had some minimum amount of vetting before they get the exposure of one of Halo’s most popular playlists. Kinda like an HCFP for forge maps.