A discussion on Events and the importance of Big Team

Hey, haven’t posted here in a while. This might fall on deaf ears, but if I’m lucky, it might make its way to the eyes of an employee- or even just get a good discussion going.

Infinite has been a wild ride for a lot of us. It’s in a lot of ways (in most every way), Halo’s first live service game. It’s put Infinite into a completely different game model, and that’s been tricky for a lot of the old dogs (myself included) to adjust to, and the younger audience easier to understand.

But whether you’re a newer player or an OG Spartan, I think we can all agree that Infinite is missing the mark on a few things, but there is one thing i wanted to talk about specifically. And that is the social aspect of the game. Specifically with Events this time 'round.

Events are always a great way to bring players back into games for a few weeks. Free event models with limited time maps or gametypes can be a blast! A good reason to hop back in with some friends and be a part of a live games history. Being able to dawn some armors or weapons from an event that has long past and say “I was there when…”

Events are best enjoyed when played with friends, and when they’re, well, fun! So far, Infinite has had the Tenrai and Cyber Showdown events- which have both had some cool rewards! But one thing that has been a But frustrating (for me at least) is that these events have been locked behind the 4v4 gametypes.

Some of my fondest memories of Halo have been during Custom Games. Joining full lobbies and playing absolutely ridiculous game modes with my friends (or alone) was almost always nothing short of a great time. I feel that Infinite could really benefit from adding some BTB Events in the future. Just think of this:

For those of you that played H3 and on… do you remember Big Team Heavies? I loved big team heavies. It was a vehicular nightmare filled with explosions and splatters.

Imagine if the Tenrai Event was in a Big Team Lobby. Big Team Fiesta? It’d be an absolute blast!! Tanks, Wraiths and Wasps oh my! (Sorry.)

Cyber Showdown? Attrition was fun! But often felt way too competitive. It left a lot of cool rewards unobtainable for the more casual player, especially with progression being locked behind often difficult challenges.

Now imagine if Cyber Showdown’s Attrition was a BTB mode, with more lives to spare and map adjustments (weapons spawns, vehicles, etc.) Not only would something like that be an absolute blast- it would also draw a lot of people in who enjoy the Battle Royale style games. Folks have strong opinions on BR in Halo, but I think this would adapt it into a much more enjoyable gametype.

4v4 Events can be fun, but I think having some future events sit in the BTB style playlists, they’d be more enjoyable for a lot of players.

Agree? Disagree? Other Suggestions? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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The feel of utter chaos in BTB Heavies and the general vibe in multiplayer with lobbies and custom content etc is something that the Devs should have held on to and brought that through into the so called THE Halo to end all Halos But having said that we dont even have suitable maps for that. I am definitely not feeling the Halo vibes with Infinite