A different perspective of Reach.

So what I am wanting to discuss is how maybe we could get a different perspective on the Fall of Reach in a game. Instead of playing as Noble 6 alongside Noble Team in the original game, I’d like to propose another idea in another game, perhaps Reach 2? After playing alongside Noble Team who is a group of Spartan IIIs (except Jorge) who were equipped with Mjolnir armor I’ve always wanted to see another Spartan III team decked out in Mjolnir class armor as that would be cool as well as the fact that 343 could expand on Reach due to how many people loved Reach, and maybe in Reach 2 show us another perspective of the battle of Reach, as in Reach there was mention of Gauntlet, Red and Echo teams who were Spartan III teams decked out in Mjolnir armor, but in Halo: Reach 2 our Spartan (with 4 other members of their team) is evacuated off Reach as they have to leave 13 Spartans behind, and I say 13 because in the mission “Lone Wolf” in Halo: Reach you see 13 dead Spartans and this would give canonical evidence for their existence as well as where they came from and it would outline to the player how much had to be sacrificed in order to get the fragment of Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn, then later off planet.

The story would play out with your team as well as the other Spartan III teams killing Covenant and following commands given to hit certain Covenant positions that are critical for the UNSC to control in order to have a chance to win against the Covenant, maybe some stealth missions and what would make it really nice is if you get to fight along maybe famous Spartan IIs as well as fighting along some ODSTs such as Alpha-9 (Buck’s ODST squad) and Marines. Later in the campaign you get to evacuate with some ODSTs and Marines in your Pelican at the end as it makes sense for the UNSC to get as many of their best soldiers away from Reach as from the get-go it was a losing battle, and besides having these soldiers on standby in case the Covenant found Earth would be critical for humanity’s survival! For those who loved to get to choose how Noble 6 looked in the first game, they could do this again, letting you choose how your Campaign Spartan looks.

I’d also like 343 to include even more Spartan III’s equipped with Mjolnir in the EU for example maybe a ‘Lone Wolf’ Spartan III who is sent to Reach after the Winter Contingency is initiated to carry out attacks against Covenant strong holds and then the Spartan III is later evacuated after there is no hope of saving Reach or maybe the Spartan III is sent on missions to destabilise the Covenant.

Another thought in my head is having this Halo: Reach 2 game involve Spartan III Headhunters to go behind Covenant lines to get intel on their game plan etc. but these are no ordinary Headhunters, these Headhunters are equipped with Mjolnir or at least SPI armor with energy shields and the VISR (as they are the best Headhunters that the UNSC have) but from a gameplay stand point I made this descision so that you are stronger than an ODST from Halo 3: ODST but weaker than a Spartan equipped with Mjolnir. Plus the ending could either have you escape with your fellow soldier dying or having you both just barely escape.

How about maybe instead of playing as a Spartan in this game you could play as a Marine or an ODST in Gamma station (the station that is just above Reach if I am correct I may be wrong however so bare with me) just before it is destroyed or Anchor 9 just before it is destroyed and you need to get out of one of the stations (depending on what station 343 decide to have you be on) before you die by using either a drop pod or an escape pod like the ones that were on the Pillar of Autumn. After you escape the station with fellow soldiers you regroup in an area with survivors and please include some Spartan IIIs as well as Spartan IIs in that surviving group where you are later recovered by John 117 and those who escaped Installation-04 before they returned to Reach briefly. For those who are unfamiliar with the story of Halo outside the games, this was before the events of Halo 2, because after John escaped Installation-04 he found other survivors and they decided to go to Reach to see if anybody else had survived and they did find survivors including members from Blue Team (the Blue Team from Halo 5) although I can’t remember which members from Blue Team it was.

With all that being said I would like to hear what you guys think about my idea, maybe leave your own ideas and thoughts below and I would be more than happy to read them. I would also like to see some of you guys possibly elaborate on some of the points I made so I can see what you guys would want to see from future Halo games. I would like it if you guys could leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY otherwise your comment is pointless and has no meaning an example of a comment that doesn’t show constructive criticism is “This idea sucks”. After making you read through this whole idea of mine I hope you enjoy it and maybe share it around if you want as that would be awesome and thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:

P.S I’m one of those people who hold on to the thought of Noble 6 still being alive as I love the thought of a Spartan III equipped with Mjolnir class armor. I’ve made a post about it in a different forum if you want to maybe go check it out and see what I have to say on the matter as well as there being evidence to 6’s survival but I won’t get too detailed into that, and please if you go into that forum maybe give me your thoughts and opinions as well as construcyive criticism and don’t just say “6 is dead” as your just wasting your time as well as mine.

I Mean Yeah I would love that. You have a point. However I think “Red” isn’t actually a Spartan III team rather maybe a reference to the books fall of reach and first strike as the detachment of Spartan II’s (Not to say that it isn’t true) Also To help you the Spartan II’s who were found on reach were Grace Fred Kelly Li and Will But One Reason why I could disagree is because Reach was the Birthplace of the Spartans. It would make sense to play as a Spartan in Reach 2 . It would also be significant. As well as be a good theme to explore. We never got to see much significance of Reach to the Spartans (Aside Jorge). It would make sense yes to have buck appear in the game but he wouldn’t be a good protagonist. As much as I love him he isn’t for the role but he would make a great Ally and would make a welcome appearance in Reach 2 (if there ever is one).

As a matter of fact ive always wanted another perspective of Reach Maybe a Spartan Black Ops Team?

I don’t know…I think a lot of people would consider it lazy storytelling. It would come off like 343 decided they couldn’t efficiently create new settings and stories to tell, so just went back and rehash a setting that’s already been done. I doubt the reception would be good.

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> I don’t know…I think a lot of people would consider it lazy storytelling. It would come off like 343 decided they couldn’t efficiently create new settings and stories to tell, so just went back and rehash a setting that’s already been done. I doubt the reception would be good.

Not if executed right

It would be nice to see maybe even a new DLC to the existing Halo:Reach if only to revive it a bit and bring new people in. Kinda feels like the game’s being neglected at the moment.

Has it to be the battle of reach again i mean srs. Let alone to come up with a title for the game that dosent sound simply wrong. To be honest i think they rather explore an different perspective on the battle of earth like odst did or of instalation 04… Or even better the battle of Harvest

Or maybe we could actually get the game that bungie promised in the first place. Man I still listen to the fall of reach and first strike on audio book easily the best books in the series, and a lot of the coolest things halo has done were ripped straight out of those pages. I think we should get the Spartan II side of the story. I don’t even care if they stretch Canon a bit like they just did telling fire team Ravens view of installation 04(or how reach did, which was awesome, but still stretched and bent Canon). As long as they capture the spirit of the story… But man hearing the story of the surviving Spartans as told in first strike it already sounds like legit video game levels.

I personally loved the halo reach story but actually never read the book fall of reach is it any good?

Game proposal from the book Halo first strike

Alright so imagine intro cut sceen 20+ Spartan 2s packed into the back of a pelican the dropship takes fire you start spinning only one way down. You jump. Mission one survive. You crash not unlike the intro to Halo 3 but it’s 20+ Spartans many don’t survive. You wake up to Kelly stranding over you. Your armor is broken and you lost your weapon in the fall you must scavenge weapons and armor pieces from your fallen brethren(maybe marking them Mia as you go) as you move through the woods facing jackals and grunts. You find the last piece you need to repair your Shields as the level ends and you come upon a clearing and the Marine survivors of an epic battle. Level 2 is a base defense against wave after wave of covie tanks banshees and infantry. I would imagine this to be a bit like firefight ou war zone as you have many Spartans and a few Marines against tons of covenant. Level 3 you and 2 other Spartans jump in stolen banshees to take the covenant staging area a nuke to slow the attacks on the base you were defending. Another Spartan dies you barely make it out on time (I would imagine this to be a linear level with no turning back like Halo 4s midnight but instead of forerunner turrets it’s covie needle turrets, shades, the capital ship’s guns and general ground fire as you race to the grav. lift to deliver the bomb). Level 4 would be you crashing into a pair of hunters with ruined banshees and stealthily making your way through a smaller encampment of covenant and liberating a few wraith tanks to cause utter mayhem as you make your way to the new rendezvous with what remains of your team…I could go on but I doubt we will ever see this game so… Woop Woop Woop Woop Skuttles away

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> I personally loved the halo reach story but actually never read the book fall of reach is it any good?

Dude it’s actually what got me into the first Halo it’s great and you can easily find it on YouTube as an audio book if you have the time to just chill and listen

> 2533274858195188;9:
> I personally loved the halo reach story but actually never read the book fall of reach is it any good?

As good of a book as it is, it can be a bit deceptive as the actual story for the battle of reach is mostly in the book that comes after that by the same author. it is called Halo first strike.