A detailed list on why I'm disappointed

I’ll start with the small stuff

Warthog didn’t have weight to it. Didn’t look like it was actually traveling on dirt. It also looked like a toy

The banished ship that resembles the covenant one is a weird design. Idc if its owned by the banished and that’s why it looks like that. It just looks bad. Like a cube AKA toy like. Plastic

The HUD doesn’t have the helmet feel that the halo 5 campiagn did. Say what you want about halo 5 but the helmet in the story makes you feel like you were in the helmet rather than just looking at a HUD

There barely seems to be any textures and whatever does look good looks like plastic anyways. Idc if the demo was from 6 months ago. Or that it isn’t “polished”. This is the first gameplay reveal for a flagship title. A system seller. After 5 years there is no excuse for it to look like this. They should’ve shown what’s to be expected . Not an old demo

The grappling hook doesn’t belong in halo. The thrusters were in the books that came out before halo CE. Where did the grappling hooks come from? Again say what you want about halo 5 but HCS SETTINGS is better than this. I now would rather take classic over what we have now. That’s how disappointed I am.

Hit markers and radar needs to go. Radar for campgain? Fine everything else no. Watch there be aim assist lock on with the grapples. Basically anything that assists you should not be in the game.

Wheres the grit? This game litterally looks like a pg13 doom eternal. This game used to be M for mature. It used to have a mysterious story and a artstyle that didn’t look plastic.

Even the story seems forced. I didn’t like the pilot at all even before the gameplay reveal and the brute at the end just felt like a run of the mill enemy . No depth. No amazing action scenes. Just a man yelling in a ship and then a brute yelling at the end.

BLUE TEAM IS GONE. For the first time in halo 5 even tho the story was bad I was hyped for blue team. Could’ve made an epic return but no they had to remove any callbacks to halo 5. I don’t think 343 realizes how important blue team is to the story

The new weapons litterally look like they are ripped straight out of call of duty. Idc how good they feel. Idc how many classic weapons come back. Those weapons are not halo

There was another thread talking about how sprint doesn’t even exsist. That it’s just an animation. I agree. Same with the grapple. It’s just gimmick animations that make you feel like your doing something. Just watch the way he uses the grapple in the demo. He could’ve just kept shooting the brute and punched him . There was no need for a grapple and better yet it didn’t even take you far.

Doom eternal has better gameplay than this
HCS SETTINGS from halo 5 is better than this
Classic halo is better than this

Bro, i like the hook, if you want to traverse an open world you want to get fast ways of displacement, and the hook its a good one. I wish i had a hook in Zelda BoTW for example, cause links pace its a bit slow even with the horse.

Even if you want evolution in gameplay you sure need new movements, like the sprint and the hook, idk why all the problems of the community with new gameplay mechacnis, time pases and changes and you get new things.

For the rest of the message i agree with most of it, yesterday a wanted to see a lot infinite, but today i regret what i saw.

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