A delayed Forge and addressing QoL issues

It has not been a secret that Forge would release alongside Halo: Infinite’s third season, however an unintended consequence of the extension of the Season 1 Battle Pass is the delay of both Co-Op and Forge. Even in the current Beta state, early feedback for Quality-Of-Life issues would be more beneficial in creating a better experience for all players than never addressing it at all.

I’ve addressed the UI multiple times, so I’ll leave a summary of my feedback. Basically, let players be able to collapse categories in the UI (also applicable for other menus) and let them input specific values, within reason, for each numerical parameter.

As for options to create more unique Custom games, being able to adjust more specific properties of individual aspects of the sandbox, such as Energy Sword clash damage or melee counter damage to Energy Swords or toggle if charged Plasma Pistol shots disables vehicles or if the match intros and outros play, would help players create a near-infinite amount of unique scenarios and allow them to express themselves in more ways than just cosmetics or viral clips and would be in line with the “Infinite” title this game has.

Spoiler isn’t necessary to read, it’s going to be a huge list of relatively easy implementations

* Plasma Pistol charged shot disables shields, vehicles, both, or neither

* Energy Sword clash damage for Shield and Health

* Melee Counter for Energy Sword lunges and how much damage is mitigated per weapon

* Match Intro and Outro enabled or disabled

* Randomized and None weapon starts

* Allowing Equipment on spawn

* Equipment usage limited or unlimited, deploy speed, “reload” speed, and regeneration

* Melee speed per weapon

* Infinite/Regenerating Grenades

* Regenerating Ammo

* Player Collision for Team Only, Enemies Only, All, or None

* Team-specific starting equipment

* Pelican and Ordnance Drops enabled or disabled

* Enable or disable Reticle Bloom and First-Shot Accuracy for each weapon

* Enable or Disable campaign’s Equipment switching

This is the list of harder, but substantial improvements

* Up to five loadouts per team (To recreate some game modes from Reach and 4)

* Dual-Wielding smaller weapons

* Edit number of teams

* Mixed bot difficulty

* Custom UI layout for position and size of individual HUD elements

This is a complete overhaul of current systems, but good for giving players options

* Make sprint and slide a new singular piece of Equipment

* Change the Sprint button to be a secondary Equipment slot, with appropriate UI changes (Grappleshot and Thrusters simultaneously please)

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I pretty much agree with all of these. Halo infinite custom game options need way more fleshing out - especially around team selection and equipment.
Only really the last two do I think are probably not worth the effort of putting in (personally I think that effort would be much better spent elsewhere like adding in missing modes/features)

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