A Defense of Reach

I have seen reach get a lot of hate from Halo fans and honestly I know why. I can name a million and one problems with it, the weapons are unbalanced, the rank system is a grindfest, sprint was integrated horribly but for everything it did wrong it did 10 things right. Reach is one of my favourite halos and I don’t think it deserves the hate it gets.

Halo Reach had a brilliant story, hands down. Instead of one spartan (don’t worry I’m not one of those Master Chief haters) we had 6, each with there own personalty and role in the team and all of which you would interact with in different ways throughout the campaign. Other than that it had the perfect atmosphere of Patriotic “We are Humanity, Indivisible under John” that made you feel like fighting not just to progress but because you wanted to protect Reach. All throughout the campaign hints were being dropped towards some sort of conspiracy and in the last few missions it really came to light. It always gave you a sense of purpose like what you did was going to count.

As far as the campaigns gameplay it wasn’t lacking in this department either. For me at least, every mission was memorable: Nightfall had the whole sniper/recon feel, long night of solace had the space battles (they literally make every game better) and New Alexandria had the whole close air support thing. It also gave you a sense of freedom and usefulness, since instead of just giving you a blatantly easy path to follow, a lot of the time you were given directions and had to follow your compass. Halo reach had my second favourite campaign of any Halo right behind 2.


While Reach’s multiplayer was a rather big leap from that of previous halos I found it very enjoyable. In my opinion Reach had the best gametypes ever, of any game. It added new gametypes like invasion which is still my favourite while bringing back some oldies like race. You were never short of them either, Reach’s game customizability is comparable to Grand Theft Auto, so playing community made gametypes with friends or even just other random people online was always great. Anyone else remember playing cat and mouse, cops and robbers or avalanche? Not to mention all the great infection variants too.

Reach also had its fair share of maps, bringing back loved classics like ascension, sanctuary and ivory tower, as well as adding unique new ones like the vertical oriented swordbase and my personal favourite powerhouse. And if reach’s generous selection wasn’t enough Bungie also went out of their way to incorporate community made maps which were some of my favourites. This all came back to the great forge mechanic. If anyone remembers Halo 3 forge you will know how amazing Reach was and it’s because of this that not only do we have great community maps but also creations. I used to love logging on and downloading maps just to look at what people built like giant scarabs or the pillar of autumn. But what do you guys think, am I and idiot? Or do you like Reach too?

I agree with you, I liked Reach.

Also, this topic is fine here in General Discussion, but it might be better suited for the Halo: Reach Forum.

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> I agree with you, I liked Reach.
> Also, this topic is fine here in General Discussion, but it might be better suited for the Halo: Reach Forum.

I was going to but I thought more people would see it here and it fits just as well .

The only problems I have with reach is that when you start digging into the framework of it, It was clearly rushed, if it was given the full attention like halo 3 was instead of bungie worrying about destiny and getting out of Microsoft. It would have been a great game

Agree with you

Completely agree. Reach had an amazing story

The Campaign within Halo games have always been a big deal for me, and it was pretty common for Bungie not to have a huge emotional plot occur. ODST felt to me like the characters had actual purpose and whatnot, but Reach seemed to take a step backwards with the Characters and how they act. Comparing ODST to Reach on just how the characters are and how they feel in my opinion ODST wins on that. Reach was a fun game to play in the multiplayer, but I think the story could have been done better.

I agree. Reach is my favorite Halo.

> 2603643534586909;2:
> I agree with you, I liked Reach.
> Also, this topic is fine here in General Discussion, but it might be better suited for the Halo: Reach Forum.

Why post something about the general hate of Reach on the Halo Reach forum, where fans of Reach reside?

I love Reach, I play daily because it’s the best FPS Halo to date in my opinion.

Reach was my first Halo game and I loved it!

Reach was a good game in my opinion. It gave me one of the best online experiences but my first Halo was Halo 3. If i’d been introduced to the series through 1 or 2 I might be one of those “ONLY THE FIRST TWO ARE GOOD YOU’RE ALL RUINING HALO WITH SPRINT AND STUFF” but I’m open minded to change so yeah :expressionless: