A Deeper Forge

Hello community,

I realize there have been numerous threads related to Forge mode for Halo 4. I wanted to create a new thread for this idea because I believe it’s a tad more…unique…than other ideas for Forge in Halo 4.

First of all, a better console experience.

Forge as it is feels fairly limited. Everyone is asking for more expansive selection of items, etc. I don’t believe this is the problem, to be honest. I believe the problem is that the only viable map to edit is Forge World. I’m not saying Forge World is a problem - Steve Cotton had a great idea with that massive map; a Forger’s paradise of sorts. What I take issue with is the fact that Bungie seemed to think Forge World was all the community wanted or needed. The fact is that the map did not fulfill every need.

For instance, in Halo 3 my friends and I had a fun “gametype” of sorts that we would get together sometimes to play. This gametype involved max player speed, minimum gravity, a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo, a Gravity Hammer, an indestructible Mongoose, and Sandtrap. We would first overload Sandtrap so we could travel outside of the boundaries of the map, and then we would play our gametype - King of the Mongoose. One player would race laps around the map on the indestructible Mongoose while the others would try their hardest to catch up with and flip that Mongoose. It was tons of fun in Halo 3.

We tried to recreate the experience on Reach, but Forge World has no good alternatives to Sandtrap. Forge World is just that gulch, two islands, and a lot of water. There’s no room for Mongooses to go flying. And so, to me, it’s apparent that the problem isn’t necessarily the selection of items on Forge World, but the selection of locales. Five main areas did not cut it. More would have been absolutely wonderful. Even opening up the other maps to the possibility of being Forged beyond adding fusion coils would have satisfied me. We don’t need more Forge items, we need more Forge maps.

Additionally, improved functionality would be great too. An undo button is still needed for Forge. It would be cool to be able to adjust the size of objects. These would all be nice improvements.

Second, freedom beyond the console.

Many PC games have great modding tools and map editors that far surpass Forge. The very fact of the console itself limits the editing of maps greatly. We can’t truly add our own content to the game, and our canvases are preset. In many ways, very limiting.

I would like to see 343 Industries pioneer Forge even further. Give it interactivity with this website. I would like to see them design a more “professional” map editing kit for the computer that would allow us a completely blank canvas. It would let us create our own art assets externally and import them, and create maps using our own art assets and our own geometry. It’s quite similar to PC modding, in fact. When we finish our maps or want to test them in-game, we can save our map file, upload to this website, and have it downloaded to our Xbox.

Yeah, this would have quite a few complications. Users would be more prone to seeing inappropriate content if this was implemented. Additionally, players would have to go online to download these maps before they’re even able to play them - they can’t just join variants in-progress like they can in Forge World.

That all said, I believe a PC-based modding community for Halo is a great idea. It would definitely shatter all of the things that limit us in Forge currently. Unrealistic, maybe, but I still wanted to present this idea.

Actually I feel the exact oposite. Though I would like more forge compatible maps.

Great post. and I agree, it’s not all about the objects.
I once made a thread of Forge mechanics that would be very useful.

link : http://halo.xbox.com/Forums/yaf_postst12548_Wishes-for-Halo-4-s-Forge---Community-Discussion.aspx

Personally I like the idea of having a Sandbox- like map that you can change the weather conditions, time of day, and geometry of the map. The possibilities are quite limited with what we have now.

I agree, people need to stop being so prudish and getting offended at everything they don’t like. Otherwise, a real map editor would be fantastic, and a much-needed addition to Halo!