A Decade of Halo: Gamasutra Interviews Frank O'Connor

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Frankie did an interview with Gamasutra about the ten year anniversary of Halo. Check it out!

Lulz, it’s 4 posts beneath yours :wink:

Alisonst beat you to it

you gots beat!

Don’t want crappy books and even crapper anime, give us Game news please, you remember that it is a video game not a franchise or a theme park or a duvet cover!! Game Game Game Game, Hello!!

Jeez Halo “Whats The Point more like”

(sorry, I still love you really)

> Alisonst beat you to it

She either has precognitive abilities or she cheated!! That or maybe front page material for the newest interviews. Try to make sure search engines make Waypoint #1 in displaying link to searched articles… MS has the power!!!