A death in halo 6

So after the new comercial came out everyone assumes it’s for halo 5. But what if chief dies in halo 6. Halo 5 is set around the time 2557 or 2558, I’m not sure which exactly. But each core halo game usually comes out in a span of 3 years, so if this is taking place in 2560 could this be the possible plot for halo 6? I would like to get some thoughts because there was a recent article about 343 already thinking about halo 6 and then this commercial comes out.
Thanks for reading.

  1. Halo 5 campaign could span a few years for all we know.

  2. You really thing they are gonna reveal Chief’s fate in a TV ad?

  3. Why would 343 advertis Halo 6 when 5 is less then a month away.

  4. We already have a few topics on this, please just post in one of those in future.