A Custom clAss and loadout epithany

ive just realised something, you know how there are going to be custom classe’s on halo 4 right?how there was armour customization on reach right? What if there around the same thing?

343i say that the classes won’t be like cod, but wait, how can’t custom classes not be like cod?

I think ive might have worked it out(its a long shot though)

Maybe there not talking about grenade launchers and silencers,but aesthetic features to suit you, as a player.

A new sight for your BR(new sight on the reveal wasen’t there) to suit how you want your BR to look like, remember that ugly orange stripe on the BR, that might be another aestheic

Think of the possibilitys…

Possible colour customisation

Your clan logo

Your tag like the one above your teammates

Your sight(could affect what it looks like scoped down too)

(what if the mortar pistol is just the normal pistol but customised for anti vehicle but crap against infantry,something you lack from early on in game, probobly not true).

343i said they want to intergrate story into multiplayer, what better of a way to make you feel like you? Immerse yourself into the game, make you play longer and get them more cash.

Perks(or whatever 343 are gonna call em) maybe only effect things like zoom range on sights or spare ammo nothing to straight out turn the game around and screw balance over.

Thoughts on this therory plz!!!

seems legit, sort of what I was saying in my thread; customisable weapons and armour which don’t effect gameplay but look awesome. I certainly hope that grenade launchers aren’t attachable in Halo, it’s bad enough in COD

Just saw your post…fell like a total spammer and a!!hole lol