A couple thoughts from a long time fan -XP

Hello Everyone and hopefully the Devs as well

I have played halo multiplayer in every FPS iteration that halo has ever offered and I would like to offer some feedback on my playing of the halo infinite multiplayer so far.

  1. the non collision of player (especially between opposing players) has ruined the melee fights and sneak attacks that this game always creates. If I’m being attacked I can just step backwards and if my enemy mistimes then now I’m behind them instead of stuck in front. It just takes away from the feel of the game as it’s so easy to lose track of your opponent when in close quarters as they can literally move through you.

  2. the Xp battle pass system has ruined objective based games. As everyone is trying to grind the battle pass (which is a money grabbing system I oppose but also understand that it is the current way for companies to make mega money). No one cares if they grab a power seed or capture a flag as they get no xp for doing those items, I’ve seen my team fully abandon playing the objective as they try and get kills with specific weapons in order to get more than the 50xp they get for playing. It has taken away halos soul as people hesitate to gun or drive for these games as winning gets you nothing.

Hopefully the devs figure out how to award Xp for helping cap a flag or defend a flag or all the other thing a that used to get you xp and infinite can start to feel like the previous games and not just a machine to grind out cash for Microsoft.

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For real.
Your summary of the issue regarding the Battle Pass Challenges has been the best worded, yet. It actively kills the core gameplay loop and can get you stuck with a selfish team just trying to grind through their challenges; all playing different little games in one match or even worse, playing the same and arguing with each other over comms on who gets X Weapon/Vehicle to complete their challenges. It’s annoying to deal with, I’m just tryna play Halo, man. Lol

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