A couple things I'd like Halo 5 to have.

First off,

This isn’t going to be one of those “blah blah blah I hate halo 5 posts”. I’m currently having a lot of fun with the game so far. These are just a couple things that I would like personally to change:

  1. Your Items should display their rarity all the time:
    Maybe this is just the RPG/MMO fan in me, but I really wish even after I received my item I could still see its rarity. If not change the color at least display what tier it’s in. It’d just be cooler to see how my collection is going vs just the overall percentage.

2.Make it a bit easier to find your friends on Warzone:
I don’t really see why we can’t see who’s on your fireteam in game, all i’d need is some green icons on my radar. It’s kinda a pain having to choreograph situations versus find your friends organically on the battlefield.

3.Casual game modes:
I do love the emphasis that H5 has put into the competitive side. It’d be nice to have a chance to play more casually when i’m getting a bit frustrated.

  1. Map Voting:
    Voting would be nice, but I also get that by taking out the voting all the maps are played rather than 2 of them.

  2. The ability to possibly trade cards with friends:
    It’d just add more to the whole card mechanic, also because of how the req system currently works there isn’t much room for abuse.

What would you guys possibly like to see added?

Agree with all of them. Especially Map voting and card trading. Casual modes are planned for weekend playlists.

map voting is a horrible idea, the MCC has like a hundred maps and you play 5 of them

I quite liked the veto system though, just to give the players some kind of control, what halo 5 really needs is a custom games browser though