A couple theater bugs that should be fixed

These were a couple minor bugs that showed up in halo reach’s theater that weren’t in halo 3’s. They’re not very big issues, but they annoyed me and I hope they aren’t in halo 4. It’s interesting, because I’ve never seen anyone else mention them. They are:
-When in the fixed 3rd person point of view, the reticle is a bit off
-When in the rotating 3rd person point of view, the point the camera focuses on is a bit above the spartan. When the camera is closer up in this view, the spartan isn’t actually in the frame.

These problems weren’t in halo 3’s theater. Though the reticle didn’t show in the fixed 3rd person pov in halo 3, the center of your screen was still accurate. And in the rotating 3rd person point of view, the center of the spartan was the focus of the camera, so if you moved the camera closer the spartan remained in the frame.

Here’s a link that demonstrates what I’m referring to with the rotating 3rd person point of view, and how it looked correct in halo 3. And here’s a link to the same camera angle in halo reach, demonstrating how it’s positioned too high above the spartan causing him to be out of frame.
Edit: Ok just found a video someone already made on youtube demonstrating the differences between the two theater modes. This video explains it pretty well.

I’ll also try and get some comparison shots from halo 3 and halo reach demonstrating what I mean by the reticle being off in the fixed 3rd person pov, and I’ll edit them in when I find them.

Like I said, it’s not a big issue. But I’m hoping for improvements to theater mode along with everything else they’re doing with the game, and these are a couple things I’d like to see fixed. Lemme know what you think.

Absolutely, man! Those things HAVE to be fixed. They were more than annoying in Halo Reach.

I also want the speed up options to be changed. In Halo Reach, you could get back to certain points when watching a video in Theater Mode. But if you wanted to get to a point later in the vid, you had to watch the ENTIRE video up to that point.

So when you have a Forge video that is 2 hours in length, you will need 38 mins to get to 1 1/2 hours. Hello? Please, fix that. It was most disturbing.

Halo 3’s Theater was the best, in my opinion.

> Halo 3’s Theater was the best, in my opinion.

Well, out of two theater modes that were available in Xbox, Halo 3’s theater mode can hardly be beaten, meaning: I agree.