A couple suggested REQs... -FastMrFreeman

I like many REQs. I like the idea of REQs! I just have a couple suggestions! I will list and describe each one. I will also give it a rank in my personal opinion. But hey, if they are added, I am not the one in control. It’s whatever 343 chooses.


Ammo Refill (Legendary)

These will refill any weapons without energy. Being ranked legendary for the powerful use in other weapons, even with certification. Extremely difficult to get. Consumable.Charged Grenades (Rare)

The grenades in higher rounds of WZ and WZFF are not longer invalid. Reaching a certain REQ level with this ability will give your grenades a cowbell effect. The big groups and hidden enemies no longer stand a chance. Health will be drained from enemies drastically, or even killing them.Triple Threat (Ultra Rare)

This REQ grants the ability to carry 3 weapons. A one man army, indeed!Killer Instincts (3-star Legendary)

Radar is expanded. Shields and Health regenerate while running. Enemies can’t stop you once you are off to the races. (Flinch disabled.)Post your ideas!
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Some suggestions for you:
There is no flinching in halo 5, so KI is just a combo of Adv. Sensors and Upg. Thrusters.
We already have Grenadier which makes grenades more powerful.
Ammo refill should only refill 20% or so ammount of ammo, require some energy, come in every rarity, ant not refill mythics.