A couple small items we NEED

-The ability to set conditions for overtime in a match or in custom games (Other than Sudden Death. Think MLG regulation overtime, but actually in-game).

-A map rotation system for custom games, with the possibility of adding break periods, etc.

-A multi-stage reloading system that enables you to pick up where you left off at key points in the reloading animation. It would be fairer, more functional, and make more sense.

(Example 1: I drop the clip from a pistol, switch weapons and switch back, put a clip in the pistol and lock it.)
(Example 2: I drop the clip from a pistol, put a clip in, switch weapons and switch back, lock the pistol.)

-The ability to turn on and off “real” weapon clips in custom games (If I reload while my current clip is not empty, I lose that ammo rather than it magically appearing in another clip and stacking with unused bullets). This can help teach players not to compulsively reload.

-Triggers for Forge.

-Custom games browser.

That’s all I got off the top of my head.

Side note: I like the devs idea of a visible weapon drop, but I’m not sure about the personal weapon drop thing. Sounds like a killstreak. Meh. Give us the ability to turn it off in customs if that’s the case. And a playlist that doesn’t have it.

Oh and one thing that might seem like a viral gimmick but that I always wanted:

-A screenshot captionning system :wink:

We really don’t NEED any of those things.

But they’d be nice to have :stuck_out_tongue:

A few other things that would be nice to have are:

-Noticeable color changes for vehicles (Default, Red, Blue, Green, and Orange/all we really need are some stripes so we can see the color, doesn’t really need to cover the whole vehicle, though that is an option)

-Fences in Forge again (like in Foundry; walls you can shoot through but can’t move through)

-The ability to customize the duration (not just choose between on, off, and infinite) and ‘strength’ of armor abilities (for Jetpack, that’d be thrust; for Camo, that’d be how well it conceals you; for ProVision that’d probably be range; for Hologram, ???).

-Able to have different teams have different settings in more gametypes (already possible in Infection and Invasion, but both are conditional; I’m saying allow Red team to have 2x overshields and Blue team have 200% speed in Team Slayer, for example)

-Allowed to choose black as armor color.

-A million dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

These are all lovely ideas. :wink:

It’d be cool to finally see a proper third person animation showing the magazines being taken out of the weapons when reloading, rather than the wierd hand movements. I don’t mind it with weapons like the Assault Rifle, but they should at least do it with the Rocket Launcher, it just looks dumb.

these are cool things to have but 343 shouldnt prioritize them

Agree with these as well.