A couple of things / Small ideas for Arena

  • Alright I’m going to list a few things; - - First off; all the hate on Overgrowth is misguided; it’s a well made map I believe and needs work done on spawns/spawnzones - Second, shotgun or sword pick one and centralize it middle hall creating a battle for close range power weapon. - - PLEASE ADD A FILE BROWSER! - The way the system is setup right now, it’s too hard to get exposure on your map other than word of mouth through friends. - - Also; it would be nice to be able to see Champions CSR #; I know Champion is their rank and that’s how it goes when you get to that level; but it’d be nice to be able to reference how high of a CSR you need to get to in Onyx to move into Champion. - - Add more gametypes to social; like CTF, Strongholds. - Where’s the gametypes like ricochet or oddball? - - Medal browsing in Carnage Report - - Create a community forge “competition” pushing players to design maps for recognition; I would love to see some remakes come into matchmaking, or even newly designed forge maps. Of course 343 team would have to modify them to their standards. - - Viewable Tier Progress % in Service Record; most players know how the ranking works generally, but it’s quite unpredictable; Halotracker.com has the viewable progress of tier on their site, this should be viewable in game by players. - - You allowed us to view our friends activities but you didn’t allow us to view their Party status; nothing more annoying than inviting 5 friends while looking for a 4th and they all have teammates with them, it would be a convience to all players. - - Allow us to prefer players with microphones; this game is so teamwork based that a mic is essential; players who play with no mic should play with players with no mics; it’s just logic. - - Start building the community up, if I was apart of the 343i Community team I would be tweeting, blogging everyday about streamers; plays of the week; create another MLG Top Ten like series. The more content there is, the more exposure the game gets. - Community team should be reaching out to forge community, creating polls for what maps they would like remade; we all miss certain maps from the old halo games; I know this game’s mechanics force old designs to be tweaked; but this doesn’t take away from the benefit of this type of thing. - - This is a far fetched idea but remove the old rockets and just replace with Spnkr; we all hate the new rockets and just wanna see that big cylinder reload when we pick up rockets, lets face it. - - Power weapon diversity; example; replace shotgun on empire with railgun; Eden is fine with shotgun due to having a sniper on map able to counter that power weapon; but Empire is filled with close range weapons that personally I think slows down gameplay on Empire; allowing “Security” or “Tower” to be an easy position to control. I love how the scattershot is on the map while playing strongholds; but slayer gametype with shotgun should be replaced with a railgun for a long range power weapon; 2 storm rifles and 2 smgs are amazing weapons for close range which allows them to become power weapons of their own. - - Personally I think shotgun should be a power weapon placed on a pad with announcments spawning every 1:30 or 2:00; it would create a disadvantage for the shotgun wielder but correct positioning will get him the same results as always. Maybe give the shotgun more bullets with this change. - I know this a big list but give feedback, these are small changes I would loveee to see in matchmaking.

This game is awesome; I think everyone is a contender in any game; the skill gap isn’t huge but it gets big when playing team based game and teamwork is properly implemented. These small changes I’m suggesting would create more interesting of gameplay. It’s like this game was built for comebacks and 343 is doing a great job building this into a truly astonishing halo game.

As far as gamey pest I would really love to have assault back and neutral flag as well as one round ctf.

I would love to see an Assault-like gametype with a ricochet type bomb; but planting takes like 4 seconds and defuse takes 4 seconds; with a 10 second timer.