A Couple of Questions?

Ok so i have some questions.

First is where is that forge map that looks like it would be the best map for slayer? i played 30 something games and i think 20 of them were on haven.

2nd is is it me or is the game to fast? i think a respawn of at least 3 sec would fix it. i mean i dont even use my AA because everything is so fast the only one i remember to use is the jetpack but still theres barley enough time to use it.you kill someone and 1 sec later hes back shooting you again.

3rd is that all the emblems we get or do we unlock more as we go? i want my helmet with the sticky on it(not a big issues tho)

4th is when will they add the other playlist like team double’s and team snipers?

the last one for now is about slayer pro: do you guys agree that they should put a respawn time on it?