A couple issues so far...

Has anyone had issues with hit detection? I have a clip (at some point I’ll provide a link) where I put 4 to 5 full BR bursts into an enemy with no damage. The next few bursts did damage. I wonder if this can happen on a smaller scale (where part of a burst doesn’t register). Many times I swear I’ve hit my shots, and put more than enough shots to pop shields but I still lose the BR/DMR battle. Even the kill cam says the enemy had 0% shields.

I also feel like the rank system isn’t working properly. I’ve won games by an immense amount, and only received a few points. Other times I receive a ton. Same goes with very close games that I’ve won, I only get a few points. My last game I received no points (not even a 0 to confirm it). I did very well, and we won by a lot. I’ve also seen at times where I’m the only player on my team, and I lose I’ve lost a point or two. Then a few games in the same scenario I lose 8.

Yeah, I have a saved clip where I unloaded on someone with an smg and did a melee follow up to finish him, only to find out that my shots weren’t registered in the game and my melee only took his shields down. If you watch the clip, you can clearly see that I unloaded on him with accuracy but the game denies it. Like wtf?

I’d like them to get rid of kill cams. It doesn’t even work properly and second, I don’t like being shown how my opponents killed me. I want to see where they are headed next with the screen showing me what is happening. This means t bags but oh well, at least it gives me an idea of where I can cut my opponents off.

I assume kill cams will work properly in the RTM version. Although I do agree, kill cams are unnecessary. I hate to call “but that’s a COD feature”, but it really is. When you think or hear kill cam, you think COD. Halo just is not big enough to require kill cams. Killcams are neat, but they don’t seem to fit. On top of it, there will (probably) always be the “it looks different in real-time than it does in theater/killcam”. It then begs the question “If it can’t be properly shown in a replay (aka this feature is rubbish and unreliable), why is it in the game”.