A couple improvements for Halowars 2.

Loved halo wars and loving the blitz beta so far just a couple improvements I thought would make the game better.

  1. Fix units getting stuck. (will randomly get a unit that cant move )
  2. Viewing your card description in game
    ( I occasionally forget what card does what )
  3. Unit stats in game and in deck building (why should I care about lvl 2 marines when I have no clue what health they have )
  4. Explaining super units a bit better . I think an in game timer should show how long they last (you can only use them for a certain amount of time ) . Not sure what the timer is on units but they seem to die before losing all their health and when ever enemies aren’t around so not sure if it’s a glitch .
  5. Making up for someone leaving the game/ark players. I personally think this is way overdue (needed to be done in halo wars ) but if someone leaves, is disconnected or afk your chances of winning diminish drastically. I think the best way to solve this is letting an ai take over or giving troops/building to the other player and increasing energy and population.