A couple Halo 4 race maps

These are two of my maps that I’ve converted for the new Race gametype that 343i has released in the past week. To get this gametype just hop into the current Race playlist and grab it out of your temporary gametype history. While you’re there I also recommend saving a map or two so you can learn how to set it up on maps of your own.

First map: Ridge Racer
This is a map based on the main terrain section of Ravine. It uses most of the terrain and has a couple of sky sections coming off of it. There are two turns that you can get nice wrecks on others.

More Details: Ridge Racer Halotracks map post
Download Link: Ridge Racer Download

Second map: Attack
A map the uses the bulk of the outdoor terrain section of Erosion. Bordered mostly with rocks and an easy to navigate route makes this one quite a fun and competitive track. This map also has some nice aesthetics that you can’t really see while driving so if you’d like to see them check out the more details link or check out the map in forge.

More Details: Attack Halotracks map post
Download: Attack download link