A conclusion to Master Chiefs story?

Out of curiosity what do you think would make a satisfying conclusion to John’s story? The man is 48. I know the augmentations will extend his life and cryosleep will extend this as well (Johnson was almost 75 when he was KIA). But can 343i really keep making my mans suffer the weight of the universe on his shoulders indefinitely?

I guess I’m just worried that Halo and John’s character is going to end up like many other stories with a popular following in that they’re milked into increasingly higher stakes until it becomes ridiculous.

How do you think his story ends? Will it be in another 20 years? Or will it be during Halo Infinites lifespan? What do you think should happen after he hangs up the armor? Should we get multiple other stories revolving around other characters?

I’d love to see a Halo 3-esque ending to John’s story where he is thought KIA, but we as the player get hints that he did in fact survive and is MIA just in case 343 may take an interest in his character again.

As for who can replace the Chief, I think a suitable replacement is Jerome-092 or maybe Fred-104? Perhaps an entirely new character, and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a Spartan-III take up the primary protagonist role. It’ll shed some light on the program and many of its mysteries

Or arby also any member of blue team or red team also might be Jun, but Jun might die idk. Just not lockle please not him.

I think the Chief should live on, but become a reoccuring side character. Killing off the Chief would be a major controversial move, even for 343i.

Also, most people forget that Chief is the face of Xbox and Microsoft if they kill him off then who would be there new posterboi guy from Gears of war. So just don’t kill him.