A Compromise to Heroes of Reach and Future Battle Passes

Posted this on reddit a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get much traction so thought id try my luck here

I want to start off by saying the Free Events is amazing and a step in the right direction and hopefully similar improvements can come to the Battle Pass System. So here are a few of my ideas on how to update the current and future Battle Passes for the better.

Right now the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass isn’t worth while for anyone who doesn’t purchase the Premium version and here are 3 ways to improve the current system.

  1. Give All Players access to the Mark Vb Armor Core: Doing this would allow more players to purchase the reach themed items in the store without having to pay for the battle pass.

  2. Make the Armor Kits Free Tiers: These Armor Kits are very limiting in customisation and don’t really make sense as a Paid Tiers as players are rewarded the Armor and their Coatings before unlocking the Armor Kit. In addition to this in the future these could be used as a sort of try before you buy type mechanic where free players can earn these kits but are limited to what they can do with them from a customisation standpoint, meanwhile players who want to add the extra flair to their spartan can purchase the Battle Pass giving them access for more options.

  3. Give users Battle Pass Tokens/ In Game Currency: Ok so this concept I think would be pretty neat although is probably the least likely to be implemented.

So every lets say 25 Tiers give Free players an Unlock Token, this could be a way of allowing players to sample the Premium Battle Pass, similar way to how the Points system works in Halo MCC. Allow them to choose from any of the items they would have unlocked in the Premium Pass so far. This would not only give players something to strive but because you would only get 4 per Pass would not diminish the value of the Premium Battle Passes.

Along side of this Premium Battle Pass holders should be given the In Game Currency for them to use in the Store or build up towards the next Battle Pass. This makes sure no one feels left out and gives free players more of a reason to upgrade.


I believe what I have outlined here is a fair compromise for all involved, if these 3 concepts were to be implemented into the current Battle Pass, free players would feel as if their time is valued more and give players more choice over their customisation while still giving players reasons to upgrade to the Premium pass.

Anyways these are some of my ideas on how I would improve the current Battle Pass let me know what you think, hopefully someone at 343 will see it! Thanks for reading.

No to the tokens, but I like everything else. I look at those tokens and knowing that there are only 3 big armor options easily noticeable (Helmet, Visor, and Chestpiece), see a situation where players will likely not buy the pass, complete it for free, and then cherry pick their armor.

As player friendly as that system might be, it will likely be abused and force 343 to start monetizing other items or make the store more expensive to compensate the loss.

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Yea to be fair I figured that would be the most divisive of the 3 concepts I still think it could work even if it was only the Last reward and you only got one in the battle pass. I think it would add a lot of value for free users but I can see how it could be manipulated depending on how many are given out.