A Compromis That Works for Everyone... Armor Coating Customization Feedback / Suggestion

It had a better method of acquisition, but the customization was definitely not better.


Yes you are right… “Acquisition” was the best word to describe the process

Just adding a plus 1 to this. 343 really needs to do something quick.

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I actually enjoyed Halo 5’s customization features as well. Having played Infinite I kind of miss it. So much so that I wish they ported Halo 5 to PC and included it with the MCC. I would actually go back to it lol.

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Mix & match colors like in Warframe? Sign me up!

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I fully support this idea. Checked the sub, looks amazing. 343, let’s make it happen.

I hope other Halo chapters won’t be dead… Halo 5 multy was super fun! I would really appreciate they put things on Infinite such as the movements and the assassinations that were present in Halo 5

Completamente de acuerdo con este tipo de sugerencia. El juego si o si debe modificar este apartado.

I’m more into the old Colour system of Halo but yeah, I need to agree, this sounds at least way better than as it is now and also keeps 343’s current idea.

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Overall the game it’s almost perfect. This money grab battle pass is a little lacking in friendliness to the consumer. If you pay wall colors only make it a couple bucks. I paid $60 for the full game, which I wont be getting at launch I might add, after 6 years…So here’s my thoughts make the people happy, give some more free looks or make it way cheaper. Its hard and costly enough to just play right now let alone beat peoples wallets up more. Remember most people didn’t get there console 1st hand this holiday. Older guys can’t grind out all these looks after work. Give us something too. Plus people that paid the full 60 need to get something other then story mode for that investment. 60 bucks use to buy you everything. I’m older, and the pass is for ripping off kid’s parents. Got to give those that don’t fall into that age group something.

Great suggestion, I’d be happy with this.

Honestly I’m at the point where things like this, actual progression not bs challenges, and a complete rework on the monetization for things to be free/earnable is needed. Don’t want to drop playing Halo because of terrible dev decisions so I’m holding out hope they start with this

1: Armor Coatings to be universal between cores l.

2: credits can be earned after every match.

3: Add more daily challenges.

4: Literally just use the Same formula Reach used.

5: Don’t remove items from the store( exception is event items) but keep them around and further expand that store.

6:they can still lock like 10% of the cosmetics behind a pay wall, but not 80%.

7: allow additional XP based on performance.

8: Bring back commendations and tie those to Cosmetic unlocks.


you’re doing god’s work, good man

To me the simple and effective fix is
-armor coatings need to be universal
* add a paid coating that allows you to change the coatings colors.
-all helmets and waist items should be universal
-$20 dollar legendary skins, should include all cosmetic items for that skin, i.e yuri katanas should be included in the bundle… its 1/3rd the cost of a full fledged game…
-coatings need to be cheaper, end of story
-all pro league skins should be coatings, NOT core skins, i should be allowwd to have an orage arm, and a purple mask if i want too.

Like jts simple. The what is monitized isnt an issueto me, its HOW its monitized

-more gun skins should cross the basic guns, not all of them, but more should, at the cost they are they definitely are lacking.

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keep this post alive so 343 will see it


I would be surprised if this isn’t sitting on somebody’s desk come Monday morning.

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While I wouldn’t prefer it, obviously, I would accept the compromise of needing to pay to get the custom coatings option.

That depends on if they try to price gouge us out of it. Given their current track record I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to charge us 20 USD for the custom shader to a single core.

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