A Compromis That Works for Everyone... Armor Coating Customization Feedback / Suggestion

I can’t even properly articulate how much better this would be. It would actually incline me to spend more money in the store since the current setup actively de-incentivizes me to even care about customizing my appearance.

343, please do something like this. I beg you.


This system would be amazing. This is really what they should have done. It preserves their current and planned armor coatings, while also allowing players to truly customize their Spartan. They should only be monetizing the patterns, wear/tear, dirt, matte/metallic, etc. But they give the fans back the important staple of color customization.

And the current coatings are still valid as you’d only be able to change the colors of the coatings you have unlocked. I hate that right now there’s definitely going to be a ton of armor coatings that look awesome, but I won’t be remotely interested because of the colors. But if I were able to change the colors to be my preferred colors I would be much more inclined to spend some money on coatings.

I’m not sure if this is what you intended or not but we should only be able to change the existing colors, so if a coating only has 2 distinct colors, then you can only select 2, but if it has 3, 4, etc you would be able to change each of those but not add more.


I’ve been trying to preach the same thing. Bringing back more customized color customization with purchaseable options for more exotic colors, materials, and patterns just like you described. Like imagine stuff like the army painter in warhammer games.

Or, even more specific, look at Warhammer 40k, Space Marine. That game had some absolutely incredible customization. Mix and Match armor pieces, per piece color customization, different materials and exotic colors, patterns (albeit limited). Just take that system, lock some colors and patterns behind the battlepass or store, and that’d be perfect.

It’s kinda sad to think a flopped game from 2011 had better customization than infinite.

edit: and for the love of god CAN WHITE JUST BE A FREE OPTION??


it is not about what works for everyone. it’s about pleasing shareholders and executives that dont play video games. this is the harsh reality of late stage capitalism. pro consumer video games are never going to be a thing again.

This sort of coating customization would make me feel like I’m playing my own Spartan again, just like back in Reach (mixing and matching armour pieces between cores would also help here, but that’s another discussion). Yes, there are some really cool coating sets available right now, but I know I’d very much like to be able to add my own personal touch to it.

I have enjoyed using my funko coating, but when I see someone else in the game with the exact same coating and armour modifications, it makes me feel like I’m playing as some sort of clone.

Making this sort of change would definitely show that 343 is listening to their playerbase and working to improve customer experience and the fun factor of the game.


Well we are in fact asking them to get rid of what we currently have.

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I’d actually spend money on this system, god knows I already spent to much money in my time with Warframe.


This looks really good. Like, really really good.

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The armour core system still has to go. It is simply too restrictive on the armour customisation. I like this general idea though. This is what armour coatings should have been.

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The emblem system already has multiple pre-selected colour options to customize the different emblems - a similar system could be applied to armour. The coating could more be related to the colour pattern and qualities (matte, gloss, weathered look, patterns, etc) rather than the colours themselves. Would make unlocking a coating via the store or battle pass a much bigger deal.

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We really need something like this. The customization of this game is currently a disaster. 343 please listen to the community about this.


Locking things for specific cores was a very bad decision. Imagine paying for a piece of armor and then finding out you cannot combine it with the other pieces you bought. I would want a refund.

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i have been deciding weather to buy the Battlepass, and i think it would vastly help people trying to make up there mind if there was a way to ‘preview’ the look of different armor mods together in different colours with different visors ext. I think this would give people the ability to look at armor they may want and have a more in-depth preview of armor so they can make a better judgment on weather they would like to purchase it or not. I also think this would improve sales on the battle pass and other store items as people and see if they like it and how they would use it.

Secondly, i think a more in-depth colour system could be beneficial (like the one mentioned by ( @UnlinkedPurse49 ), this would give a sense of individuality in the game and stop people all looking the same like they mentioned.

Finally, I love the game, i feel like you have done an amazing job with it and i think with some of the features mentioned in these forums you as a team could really make this game revolutionary. i really do hope you consider some of these suggestions and maybe implement some. Thanks for making an amazing game.


I wouldn’t recommend it. some of the basic stuff is still behind the microtransaction paywall.

Please 343, just make this game great.


This is the way. Extra letters for character requirement.


I really quite like the ideas you’ve outlined here, but I must admit that they still wouldn’t really make me willing to purchase customization options. I think that if the progression system wasn’t based solely on the battle pass, we got real XP per kill, and there were at least some options to earn credits, I would get sucked right into Infinite MP in a way I haven’t since Halo Reach. The hard part to me is accepting the idea of paying $10 every three months for what feel to me like limited options relative to the wide variety of customization available in Reach at release.

Tbh I think the biggest thing that will draw me into buying specific battle passes will be the inclusion of visual customization in the campaign. Having my Spartan in the cutscenes was one of the things that made Reach so special. In the case of the current Master Chief Infinite campaign, I would actually love to be able to customize his armor. Many might oppose this, but they would of course still have the option to leave his appearance default.

I suspect that in the near future, pending the status of Chief after Infinite, he will be retired and become an NPC (an idea I really love,) and that we will get our own new avatar in the Halo universe, likely tied to the same MP progression system. I love that idea, but hope that by then the progression has improved and we have other key features (to me) like assassinations, co-op, etc.


Yes this is (nearly) perfection! I would unironically pay for colours I’m interested in with this system, not the current one.

Remember, be good to the goose.

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I think it depends on what they’re locking. If you look at some of the reach chest pieces I can see why they wouldn’t necessarily fit on Mark VII. But certain armor pieces like Helmets would be easy to get to work on any core. And the only reason I can see to make them restricted to one core is to limit options, that, or to make us buy/unlock the same item twice.

I suggested this here on the forums as well.

I like the idea of coatings; they’re interesting for teams (e.g. the various HCS team kits) and Character themes (e.g. Noble Team). They’re great for weapons and vehicles, and for other companies and products to have themes available to players.

But we need our own coatings, and the ability to modify our Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors. That is a huge must for player customization and expression, and could be a huge boon.