A Compromis That Works for Everyone... Armor Coating Customization Feedback / Suggestion

Like the idea to allow more customization. I did buy one armor set, and yet cannot do any customization. Boring and not unique to me so the interest in what I bought is wearing off fast. It would be great to find a way to allow much more customization.


I will give examples to some of these

Coatings/Emblems are crosscore, crossvehicle, crossweapon.

Milestones give us credits
15000 kills gives us 1500 credits

Rank Progression gives us cosmetics
Starts out at 25 levels which require XP to advance. Starts at 35k required and increases by 20k each level.
Each season adds 10 levels

The store is revamped
Special–Any cosmetic items that aren’t in Events or Battlepasses are put here.

Event–Items from past events are put here after the event ends. Further splits into all of the events (I.e. it splits into Fracture/Winter Contingency/Cyber Ops/ect/ect all of those sections contain content from those events. Fracture further divides into the past fractures. (I.e. Tenrai fracture/pass 2 fracture/pass 3 fracture, ect ect) )

Seasonal/Battlepass–Items from the past BPs come here and split into the different seasons (like the events)

A store bundle would contain every single item in the store at that time.
Section bundles include all the content in that section (Special Bundle, Event bundle, Seasonal Bundle)
Subsection bundles would include all content for that subsection (Fracture bundle, Winter Contingency bundle, Cyper Ops bundle, Season 1 bundle, Season 2 bundle, ect, ect)
Bundles would go down even farther, (Tenrai bundle, Season 2 fracture bundle, ect, ect)
Or you can buy every item separately, but the bundles have more content for the price. Bundles are also cheaper if you already have items from that bundle.
Different bundles would include the following: Coating bundle, Helmet bundle, Hip attachment bundle, Weapon skin bundle, ect, ect.

The whales would of course just buy everything, giving MS a big influx of money.

There would only be 4 seasons in the store at one time, 3 would be the latest 3 seasons (i.e. in 2 years, we would have had 8 seasons, 8, 7, 6 would all be in the store, 5,4,3,2,1 would all rotate on a weekly basis)

Same for events. (fractures of seasons 8,7,6 would be the permanent fractures while 5,4,3,2,1 would be rotating)

Special would do the same (special content for seasons 8,7,6 would be permanent at the time, 5,4,3,2,1 would be rotating)

More opportunity for MS to make money and more freedom to the player to buy stuff.

After every battle, your score is transferred to credits (let’s say you got 3000, very high. 1 credit per 150 score That would transfer to 20 credits) then you get an extra 10 credits for every battle won and 2 credits for every battle completed.
For this particular battle then, you would have gotten a 22-32 credits.
If you got 22 credits per battle for 300 battles straight (which is highly unlikely) you would end up with 6600 credits (9600 if you got 32 for 300 battles). With this new store system that would get you a fair amount of content. And if you didn’t like the amount of credits, you could always buy some credits with money. The player wins and MS wins.

For custom battles, your final credit gain is modified by the bot difficulty you are going up against, this is to prevent cheesing the credit system. It would try to remain as fair as the online credit gain

If you bought the campaign (not the gamepass) you would also gain + 10 credits per win and the credit multiplier for score would be 100, not 150. Every battle completed would give you 5 instead of 2. If you got a steady 3000 score for 300 battles, in total you would get (30 for the score, +20 for wins, + 5 for completed battle) 35-55 for 300 battles, that turns out to 10’500-16’500. MS gets money from the campaign and the player wants to buy it to get a good stream of credits to spend ingame.

Add in crosscore and I feel this would be a system that benefits both MS and the players

The season bundles including all of the items should be in another section of the shop, and after a year, four bundles (assuming a season is 3 months) should be combined with a reduced price. These would rotate as well.

Items cost $1 each and bundles are 35% cheaper
Helmet attachment
Chest Piece
Would be $10 for all of those, with the bundle, it is $6 (6.5 rounded down)

Keep challenges and forget performance based XP, since this system would basically be performance based XP

Each challenge has a scaling system, you have basic challenges (kills, assists, play objective, complete matches, win matches)
Get kills
You get the idea, you get a certain amount of XP for every kill, it is like this for everything (complete matches, get assists, ect ect)

The xp gain increases with every level but is different for each challenge. The daily challenge is scrapped except for events, which lets you just log on and play 1 match, get 1 rank.
1 kill would be 20 XP. 2 Kills would 25, 3 would give you 30 and so on.

The event levels have a required XP amount (500 XP) like the seasonal BP. (except for the daily rank up)
Ultimate’s are scrapped as well and instead are turned into a ranking system. There are 6 ranks (Common, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra, Legendary, Premium) In the end, you can choose from your unlocked items the one you wish to have (unless you completed all the challenges earlier in the week.

Common-Super Rare would switch out every week. Ultra would switch out every other week. Legendary would switch out every 2 weeks. Premium would switch out every month. The challenge scaling would be set up in a way so that Legendary is tough to get but Premium is near impossible and would require a lot of grinding. You would no longer be able to grind your way to the Ultimate in 1 day.
So if you got the Premium in week 1 of the month, you can get Legendary in week 2, Ultra week 3 and Super Rare in week 4 and then the Premium returns.


1500 XP—Common–Common Emblem
2800 XP—Rare–Rare Backdrop
4100 XP—Super Rare–Rare Visor
5400 XP—Ultra–Epic Pose
6700 XP—Legendary–Legendary Chest piece
8000 XP—Premium–Legendary Helmet

1500 XP—Common–Common Keychain
2800 XP—Rare–Rare Coating
4100 XP—Super Rare–Rare emblem
5400 XP—Ultra–Epic Pose
6700 XP—Legendary–Legendary Chest piece
8000 XP—Premium–Legendary Helmet

1500 XP—Common–Common Backdrop
2800 XP—Rare–Rare Visor
4100 XP—Super Rare–Rare Coating
5400 XP—Ultra–Epic Knees
6700 XP—Legendary–Legendary Chest piece
8000 XP—Premium–Legendary Helmet

1500 XP—Common–Common Coating
2800 XP—Rare–Rare Emblem
4100 XP—Super Rare–Rare Pose
5400 XP—Ultra–Epic Knees
6700 XP—Legendary–Legendary Helmet
8000 XP—Premium–Legendary Helmet attachment

1500 XP—Common–Common Emblem
2800 XP—Rare–Rare Pose
4100 XP—Super Rare–Rare backdrop
5400 XP—Ultra–Epic Visor
6700 XP—Legendary–Legendary Helmet
8000 XP—Premium–Legendary Helmet attachment

I think this would be a really good compromise for everything, players can get tons of content by just playing the game but also can get even more content by paying. And MS gets tons of money from whales, newcomers who want to catch up, and current players who want to top off their wallet to get that pack of armor that they really like. Casual and hardcore friendly

This would definitely be a good idea. I’m not at all a fan of the current system. I thought one of the packs from the store in the pro gaming section was cool hoping to use the shader. NOPE. Turns out that if you use those, the model they show in the store is how you have to appear and it doesn’t say that anywhere. This whole customization feels really misleading and focuses more on monetization rather than customer satisfaction. Are we sure EA didn’t make this game???


they really need to do this, i went on the shop for the first time and saw the space station gaming and the cloud 9 coatings and wished i could combine the 2 so i have yellow/gold with black camo… would definitly give me an incentive to spend more dosh on the game .

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I want to be able to customize my armour like Will Ferrell’s Nascar, that wonderbread decal covering the windshield is just as practical as bright yellow armour with blue accents, but at least I’m dying on my own terms.
Figured I’d make a comment because I agree with everyone in this post, give us the tools to let our creative juices flow!
343 you’ve done an amazing job with this game, just need to iron out a few kinks.

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Great idea and actually surprised by the amount of other people willing to pay for it. Don’t get me wrong because I’m one of them as well!

The downside of this is, it will take 343i at least a year or more to implement the color system you are suggesting . Worth it though!

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Thank you for suggesting this OP! This is perfect! I upvoted on reddit too.

Exactly the point of wanting to customize the spartan to loon different to others. Per your screens on reddit this is bang on and 343 should hire you.

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I don’t think it would actually take that long. Most of the necessary systems are probably there already but locked to dev use only. It likely would only need a little more work beyond unlocking it and creating a UI on the game side rather than the dev side.


Yeah, it’s probably just the UI. They use a masking system to control the coatings. It’s why you can preview any coating crosscore and they work. Heck, I’d even be okay if they just unlocked two colors for every coating. That’s how it was in Halo 5 and I didn’t complain. Two colors, and sometimes the armor would have others you couldn’t change.


That looks awesome, could do some actual colouring. Now to solve the armour style problem


Can i ask why everyone is so willing to pay for customizations that were legit free in Halo 3…ect…?
I mean its not rocket science to change colors of every single armor piece … we’ve seen it in multiple halos where you can change each piece of armor now people are saying they want to pay for it? The hell is going on? Let us change our armor for free we will be much more satisfied and willing to play if we didn’t have to pay for every thing that was free in the past… pc or not we played xbox at some point. WE or at least i know you could do so much with a spartan armor. this is just a EZ microtransaction of COLORS…? To be honest i expected this thread to be IRATE . Love the new halo and i’ve been around since halo 2 but jebus, it’s obviously not hard to make it free to color your -Yoink!-… Much luv Stoney

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I would much rather have completely free customization, but considering 343 and Microsoft’s decision to go FTP with Halo, which I still disagree with for this very situation, a compromise has to be struck somewhere.


I’d say 100% yes to this. But also armour core should not be a thing… instead change them to armour slots like how you have on Fortnites locker system where you can edit and customise each skin how you want. And then save it


It works in Warframe, and they make a killing.


Logged in just to reply to and heart this.

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So I’m posting here so 343 might hear what I have to say.

  1. An option in visual settings to enable a Red VS Blue filter, where both teams are either red or blue for us older players.
  2. Add sidekicks to Tactical Slayer(SWAT) to make it a little more fun and like the older halos.
  3. Either ditch the store, or make the values more fair.
  4. Add assassinations.
  5. Add challenge system similar to For Honor. In For Honor, you get to daily challenges, that give you the most XP. On top of that you have three challenge slots. And you can pick whatever challenges you want to work, but only three at a time.

It’s small things like this that’ll help this game totally rock. I really hope they listen to us.

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This is absolutely what I’d want- sell the colors, materials, etc. and allow us to mix/match.
Anyone who had already purchased color sets could have those options unlocked, so early adopters aren’t hung out to dry.

i’d say the ‘worn’ default material should be available to all unlocked colors, but any fancy colors (clean, metallic, etc.) might be locked to the specific color set you buy.


You buy that fire and ice pack with the red/gold metallic colors.

You can set any part of your armor to metallic red, or metallic gold, but if you want to use metallic green, you need to purchase it.

This gives 343 a lot of runway on purchaseable content without completely tearing the customization out of the players’ hands.

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Great post @BakaStep!

Yes this plz 343. Would really enjoy this kind of update to the armor customization system in Halo Infinite.

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very nice
very nice
very nice
very nice
very nice
very nice

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Perhaps instead of simply purchasing one, you could earn a “shard” from completing weekly challenges. “x” of these allow you to unlock the basic customizable coating, and you can upgrade it with more to unlock more advanced coloration options, materials, cleanliness, textures, etc.

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