A Compromis That Works for Everyone... Armor Coating Customization Feedback / Suggestion

You must be unable to read then as the second half of the title says “Armor Coating Customization Feedback/Suggestion.” Where does it state that this thread is about target identification?

If you want to debate the Friend or Foe highlights go to a thread on the topic like this one.

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It isn’t “highlighting”.
You’re on about armour coating and customisation… Literally the thing that’s been changed in this game, to show personal colours, instead of being red vs blue in the team playlists.

You’ve said its a compromise for everyone.
It isn’t.

It’s as simple as that.

If you aren’t including everyone, don’t claim its for everyone.

The outlines system and the coating system are two different features. 343 could have done one without the other. Sure, they likely implemented the outlines because of coatings, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t change to RvB and keep coatings otherwise. Like, just because Halo 2 added a secondary color didn’t mean they had to abandon RvB. The coating system and the outline system aren’t the same thing. I get, you don’t like the outlines, but assuming that we went back to RvB, would you prefer the system OP is talking about to what we have now?

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Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my english level.

So like many of us, I’m disapointed by the customisation and rewarding system in this halo game. Like many said, this type of customisation is really un-personnal. Everyone is looking exactly the same. Same colors, same armors, same skins. No differences at all. Everything is locked behind a paywall and you have almost no rewards by playing the campain. I remember a time when finishing a halo game in legendary or finding every skulls gave me good rewards. This time is over and the only things we earned by doing the campain, are standard coatings.

Speaking about coatings, for me, a good solution, would have been to earn coating that define the base of the skin but which we can modified the colors as we want. Considering most of these coating needs to be bought, it should be common at every type of armor cores.

About armor, exepted the event ones, none of these are unlockable by playing the game. No progression system except the battle pass, which is very poor and uncomplete considering some parts of our heroes of reach need to be bought in the shop. As an example, maybe all of the Mk VII components should have been available by playing the game and winning EXP like halo reach used to do and keep the paywall for the other armor cores.

In conclusion, I perfectly understand that a free to play game should have a paywall, but this one is not really free (need to pay for an uncomplete half of the game) and is killig the spirit of the franchise.

Thanks for your attention and happy holidays


This thread has nothing to do with the outline and the ability to identify enemies. I made this thread because I was saddened by the lack of freedom we had with customization. Mainly the inability to choose your own armor color like you could in prior titles such as primary and secondary armor colors. I provided links to reddit in order to show the visual representation of what I would like to have for the game.

The compromise is for 343i to give players a customizable armor coating while providing ways for 343i to monetize this customizable armor coating slot.


And if I recall it was very similar to my idea, so we agree ,though on the note of the player outlines you know you can customize those in the game settings?

I would absolutely love for this to be a thing. This post has been in the top of the forum for a really long time tho, and as far as I know there’s been no acknowledgement from 343i, so deep down I fear they have no plans on changing anything since their current system looks more profitable on paper. I miss looking like the color scheme I’ve had in Halo for basically my whole life.

During the flights, I had hope bcuz I saw the cadet coatings that were like solid blue, solid red, solid gray, solid purple, etc. So I figured that as a baseline they would have a basic solid color cadet coating of every primary color available by default, and then the earnable/buyable coatings would be for if you wanted something more elaborate. It wouldn’t have been perfect, but at least from the start we could have as much color personalization as Halo: CE. So I was pretty heartbroken at launch. I miss my classic colors of white primary, purple secondary. At this point I would even settle for a cadet white coating that had no purple, I would probably even be desperate enough to buy it. I guess that’s the purpose of why they’re doing this tho. Feels bad.

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Sounds good I don’t mind the old color option as silly as it sounded but it did get tiring seeing myself a lot.

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I just don’t like the idea of having to pay for colors that stay the same, if 343 would just add a color wheel to change the color of the coatings hell even add some different variants to the same one even for the most basic of coating. We all can agree that infinites customization is severely lacking compared to other halo games.


This is too good to ever make it into the game

I mean, in concept I don’t want to pay for any colors either, and a color wheel would be awesome. But I think at this point we have to accept 343 is going to monetize everything they can, so any potential solution to giving players color customization must include ways for 343 to monetize. Even if we the players would rather no monetization.

I once again try pointing to warframe or anthem’s systems of monetisation, or hell DOOM 2016’s at this rate.


…and my response is they’ve given you more freedom to customise your armour in 95% of the games you play because those armour customisations are no longer overwritten to show Red vs Blue, and infact, shows your selected customisation.

Both of which is wrong.
And the OP states its a compromise that works for everyone, when I’ve said countless times, this doesn’t work for me.

Well weeks later…at least we get poopie skins free in campaign.

The reason you stated is because we no longer have Red vs Blue, correct? That can be reverted while keeping the coating system. It can be reverted while also making the change OP talked about. You’re talking about a separate issue entirely.


At least I’d like some more femine body types iv been having such a hard time identifying with my spartan cause they all looks like guys making it hard to play and it’s hard having to wait for my favorite armor and probably be a eternity before I get a white primary and pink secondary type of shader for my spartan I wanna at least feel like my spartan from reach and if even possible the ability to have a second head attachment like in reach Mark V is my favorite and feels like its doesn’t get the time of development that it got back then especially since the season pass was reach themed I assumed it’d get that love it deserved


I couldn’t agree more. Halo’s current customization is either buff guy, skinny guy, or average guy. The pass as well had cut content from the current that’s going to be introduced in the second season pass so there’s that to look forward to?


So Anthem’s customization which deserved much more praise

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Thinking again about it, the lack of customization might be directly linked to the lack of content. Because they must have some sort of quota with how much they should sell, or at least, offer, we end up with so little customization.

Which is why this system proposed is actually great! We get to have more freedom, and 343 doesn’t need to make up like God knows how many pre-made colors for us, they just materials and special shades of colors that WE get to apply doing all the work for them.

Win-win scenario.


if a customs option was added all the pre made color schemes would be useless and should be removed at that point and everything reverted to halos past of basic color selection, with the new 7 color choice option and obviously any currently unlocked colors made available. In order to prevent issue with purchased promo items (think WCT, Mega Blocks, Etc) ONLY basic colors of say halo 1-3 would/should be available. no pastels, no neons, no chromes, Etc. Unless premium purchase made. Then instead of paying for a single color, it could be the Chrome package with 10 different colors usable on any item.